Asia's Insurance Agency Leader of the Year - Ms Karine Lam

| 05 Sep 2017

Demonstrating a proven track record of helping financial planners and managers to succeed by doubling the number of MDRT qualifiers under her direct team and achieving more than 100% growth in manpower in the qualifying period, Ms Karine Lam was crowned Insurance Agency Leader of the Year at the 2nd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

In 2016, Ms Lam from AIA International Limited, Hong Kong, achieved more than 100% growth in group commission. As a result, she was ranked among the Top 6 District Directors of the Year (by direct team production) and the Top 6 District of the Year Award (by growth of direct district).

She also doubled the number of MDRT members under her direct team, two of whom were TOT, seven of whom were COT and 10 were MDRT. Among them, eight had been with her for less than a year. She also recorded more than 100% growth in manpower by successfully recruiting more than 50 new agents.

Ms Lam’s remarkable achievements were a result of having developed systems on training, meetings, recruitment, production and self-growth, with enough autonomy and flexibility to help her agents discover the best of themselves and pursue their unique path of success.

Everything is possible
Ms Lam joined the industry with neither profound experience nor personal network at age 26. With a can-do and nothing-to-lose attitude, she pushed herself to the limit, demonstrating a fast success model with the spirit of “everything is possible”. “Love is the very reason I joined this industry. And I believe love is the very reason I stayed in this industry – to influence more and more people in the world,” she said when accepting the award.

As a female leader in the insurance industry, Ms Lam is driven to create dreams and hopes for new agents and her peers. She aims to serve as a role model for those who aspire to hit the MDRT. With her spirit of giving to keep her going, she is constantly bringing up more young talent to be professional advisers and future leaders of the industry. By building consistent success and a portfolio of societal contribution for almost 10 years, she has set herself as an example of inspiration.

Ms Lam tirelessly promotes the value of the insurance business and continually gives back to the society. She has organised various workshops, seminars and internship opportunities, and even mentorship for different segments in society, such as the underprivileged, children, teenagers, undergraduates, and Master’s students. In recognition of her achievements in the professional arena as well as community services, she was the first and only insurance industry representative presented with the HK Ten City Lady Awards (2012).

On the personal front, her dedication to lifelong learning has seen her embark on courses about financial planning, succession and personal development, strengthening her subject knowledge as a professional advisor and capable leader with well-rounded perspectives.

For her aspirational work, innovative methods and proven track record as an agent and as a leader, Ms Karine Lam is the Insurance Agency Leader of the Year.

The 2nd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards was organised by Asia Insurance Review with LIMRA as co-organiser, AIA as strategic partner, and Sun Life Financial as sponsor. The truly regional Awards saw winners from seven markets across Asia – China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.


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