How to create great facebook videos - lessons from 10,000 top videos

| 05 Sep 2017

Using facebook to help grow your client base or to reach out to potential recruits to grow your agency? Then videos must be a key pillar of your strategy as research shows that it is now the most likely format on facebook to reach and engage audiences. Below are five key takeaways to creating great facebook videos, according to an analysis of 10,000 facebook videos.

Videos had the highest levels of engagement and reach according to Locowise which provides social media analytics and reporting solution for businesses and agencies. It said that in April 2017, the various content formats on facebook had the following average reach of total page audience:

  • Video: 12.05%
  • Photos: 11.63%
  • Links: 7.81%
  • Status Updates: 4.56%

The importance of video format is expected to continue growing as more people and companies get on board, with even LinkedIn now rolling out Video format in phases for its members.

Five takeaways for great facebook videos
Buzzsumo, a platform for agencies to discover engaging content and outreach opportunities, analysed the top performing 10,000 facebook videos last year, and offered five key takeaways:

  1. Keep it short: The videos were typically short with an average length of 115 seconds and a median of just 65 seconds.
  2. Keep the intro crisp: The introductory text to these Facebook videos was also short with a median of 61 characters. The post text encouraged you to just dive into the video.
  3. Try going Live: Facebook is promoting Facebook Live video, and these can be longer – think 15 to 20 minute focused sessions.
  4. Hacks, Tips and How-tos: These types of videos perform particularly well, as do inspirational and humorous videos.
  5. Create shareable content: The top videos were more likely to be shared than liked. This makes videos very powerful for content marketers and publishers on Facebook. Studies show that people like to share valuable and entertaining content and this particularly applies to video.

Keep shooting and stand out from the crowd.

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