Lifetime Achievement Award (Agents/Agency Leaders) - Mr Rayner Lee

| 26 Sep 2017

For having lived a lifelong success story and yet still not resting on his laurels, and for sharing the wealth of his success, experience and knowledge and his unflagging optimism, Mr Rayner Lee was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2nd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

Mr Lee joined AIA Singapore in 1966 at the tender age of 19. He celebrated his 50th anniversary in the industry last year (2016) and topped it off by achieving his third AIA Top Financial Services Director (FSD) award. Thriving in this industry for 50 years is no mean feat, and he attained it by continuously improving and managing changes.

He strongly believes that as a manager, he must recruit, train, manage and create successful leaders. This has spurred Mr Lee to lead, guide and groom a Master District Director, Mr Lawrence Chong, and a four-term Financial Service Manager Association President, Mr Daniel Yow, among many other highly successful directors.

Since joining the industry, Mr Lee has been setting personal goals and has been attaining excellence year after year – by creating new records of achievements in all that he undertakes.

In 1999, his team achieved Top Manager and Agent of both AIA Group and AIA Singapore. His district produced the Top Manager and President for three consecutive AIA Summit Conventions, over a period of six years from 1998 to 2003. His Motion District has produced the Convention President for a whopping 22 terms of the Summit and Mini Conventions since 1986.

As a strong advocate for the High Net Worth (HNW) Business since 2004, Mr Lee started building his own “brand”, specialising in HNW business. Since the AIA HNW Prestige Club was launched in 2006, he has achieved the Top HNW FSD award an amazing seven years out of 10. In 2016, he produced six HNW Managers and 18 Personal Wealth Managers / Directors (HNW producers). Among these, four (including himself) have qualified for the High Net Worth Prestige Club for 10 consecutive years since the inception of the club.

He has set the MDRT as the benchmark for his team and he has personally qualified for it numerous times as a manager. He has led his team to qualify for MDRT District since the club was inaugurated, and in 2016, several of his team of 75 Financial Services Consultants were MDRT qualifiers. His team includes a Life & Qualifying member of MDRT-TOT & Centurion Club, a Life & Qualifying member of MDRT-COT and a Life & Qualifying member of MDRT.

Mr Lee also remains committed to helping the less fortunate by giving back to society. He has built schools and supported underprivileged children in China and Cambodia, as well as donated generously to many worthy causes both at home and abroad. To commemorate his 50th Anniversary last year, Mr Lee, together with his team, SP-Motion FSCs and associates raised funds for three local organisations and two individuals.

Mr Lee makes it a point to keep moving forward and not make the same mistakes. While other people his age have retired or are taking things slow, he is still very much committed to this industry and his career.