Asia's Insurance Company of the Year for Agents - AIA Singapore

| 10 Oct 2017

For its dedication to the health and well-being of its agents and clients and its constant drive for improvement through digital and social endeavours, AIA Singapore was named the Insurance Company of the Year for Agents at the 2nd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

Ms Wong Sze Keed, Chief Agency Officer, AIA Singapore, said: “I'm really very honoured to be receiving the Insurance Company of the Year for Agents award on behalf of AIA Singapore team. Winning this award is indeed an astounding recognition that AIA Singapore team is committed to putting our customers and our people at the forefront of all our innovation.  

“AIA Singapore is focused on working with our agency force to build an exceptional company focusing on producing only the best in the industry with our disciplined execution of our Premier Agency strategy and our focus on MDRT. I'm proud that AIA Singapore continues to rank first for MDRT registered members this year and AIA Group has achieved the highest number of MDRT members for three consecutive years. This is certainly a historic achievement for AIA.

“Providing our agency force with transformational technology and equipping them with innovative tools are also our key focus. We want our agency force to have seamless, digitalised access to information to help and enhance their efficiency and productivity so that they can provide service excellence to all their customers. We also empower our agency force with innovative financial solutions to meet the real needs of our customers, such as launching the AIA Diabetes Care, the first in the market critical illness plan tailored specifically to meet the needs of type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics.”

Deep engagement with agency force
Serving the community since 1931, AIA Singapore remains committed to its people, constantly being with its AIA Financial Services Consultants (FSCs). It is focused on deeply engaging its agency force, equipping agents with state-of-the-art tools and innovative solutions to uplift their professionalism, provide service excellence to customers, so as to enable Singaporeans and their families to live longer, healthier and better lives.

With one of the largest agency forces in Singapore, the insurer introduced a new MDRT mentoring programme in 2016, which provides potential FSCs with coaching from existing MDRT members.

Digitally enabled
It also equips its FSCs with innovative tools which enhance their efficiency and productivity. In October 2015, AIA Singapore revolutionised the Insurance Purchasing Process by being the first in the industry to incorporate a digital underwriter into an interactive point-of-sales system on the iPad (iPoS), providing instant approval for standard insurance applications. iPoS has since been further enhanced and renamed as Interactive Mobile Office (iMO), which is a suite of tools developed to digitally enable the agency force.

AIA Singapore also implemented iResource 3, a one-stop sales app that can be accessed online and offline, offering AIA FSCs seamless access to information. The 24/7 app provides richer interactive content, reinventing the way in which FSCs engage customers. iResource 3 serves as a learning tool for AIA’s FSCs as well as a platform to communicate the company’s marketing initiatives to them, providing the digitalised agency force with competitive advantage in the midst of today’s tech-dominated landscape.

Beyond traditional ways
Looking out for the well-being of their agents, the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge inspires AIA Vitality members such as the AIA FSCs to get active and get rewarded weekly. With this, FSCs can easily convert healthy actions into tangible rewards via a mobile app. Going beyond traditional sales, AIA Vitality is a sustainable platform for FSCs to build relationships. They can now have longer-term conversations with their customers and families about their health and wellness.

The AIA Premier Academy specialises in providing the agency force with continuous training to alleviate and set new standards for efficiency. Together with incentive trips for agents who achieve excellence, AIA Singapore enables its FSCs to be motivated and continually improve their service.


The 2nd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards was organised by Asia Insurance Review with LIMRA as co-organiser, AIA as strategic partner, and Sun Life Financial as sponsor. The truly regional Awards saw winners from seven markets across Asia – China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

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