Top 5 articles not to be missed

| 31 Oct 2017

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I turned 75 - more people should

Where I shared my experience of how it feels like to be 75 at the recent 13th Asia Conference on Pensions & Retirement Planning organised by Asia Insurance Review and co-organised by Principal. And more people should for retirement planning to be taken more seriously.


Study debunks five myths of life insurance ownership

"Consumers now believe that life insurance is irrelevant. The life insurance market must be saturated. Nobody wants to buy from an agent or adviser anymore. Insurance is only for the rich." Are these statements true? Rather than get into an emotional argument, let research show the results. While this research by LIMRA was done in the US, there are many insights which are universal, with these myths also prevalent in Asia.


What's your "why"? - Rotha Chan, the 1st person in Cambodia to sell life insurance

Mr Rotha Chan, Chief Agency Officer at Manulife Cambodia, sold the first policy, handled the first claim, recruited the first generation of advisers and built the first agency leaders in the life insurance history of Cambodia. He shared the need to find your "why" and the golden rules of sales management he abides by at the 17th Singapore Agency Mangers' Conference organised by Financial Services Managers' Association (FSMA) Singapore. Mr Chan is also the winner of the Special Jury Award (Insurance Agency Leader of the Year) at the 2nd Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards organised by Asia Insurance Review.


Asia's Insurance Company of the Year for Agents - AIA Singapore

For its dedication to the health and well-being of its agents and clients and its constant drive for improvement through digital and social endeavours, AIA Singapore was named the Insurance Company of the Year for Agents at the 2nd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards. Hear what Ms Wong Sze Keed, Chief Agency Officer, AIA Singapore, said when receiving the award


Mental Preparation Routine for breakthrough in Final Sprint

Want to help your advisers or even yourself get into peak performance state to achieve breakthrough in the final sprint? Jensen Siaw, author of "Change Your Inner Cards, Win the Outer Game", shares the Mental Preparation Routine (MPR) technique commonly used by sportsmen.

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