Loved ones pouring cold water on your goal? Here's why and how to win their support.

| 14 Nov 2017

Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw shares in this video why loved ones pour cold water on your goal or your decision to join the insurance industry, and how to win their support.

This video is produced in collaboration with Official Training Partner Jensen Siaw International.  


Hi, this is Jensen. Today we are going to talk about something called support.

So you have decided to go on the life insurance career, you have decided to go all the way out to make the money, you have decided to make this career a success, you have decided even to go for MDRT qualification.

And you are saying, “Jensen, I really want to do it. I have decided to embark on this journey. I really want to go forward and achieve my goal. But my girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/family members is not supportive. Then how?”

Because they love you

Now, when someone doesn’t support you, there could be a few reasons. But let me name you that one reason, why your loved ones do not support you.

Put aside their misconceptions of the industry, put aside what they hear from other people about how difficult it is to succeed.

But more importantly, when they do not support you, that’s because they love you. They do not want you to suffer, they do not want you to be in pain, they do not want you to go through the problems, the obstacles, the challenges, the objections, the rejections from the prospects and clients. They love you. Because they love you, they probably might not support you to take on the challenge. They won’t support you in this career because it is difficult.

Show your commitment

But you know this, because they don’t support you, but because they love you, you have got to make this work.

You got to make this work so that they can see you are determined, they can see you are doing well, they can see you are successful and therefore they will give you their whole support.

They are here to love you, they are here to support you. But they need to see you are committed, you are determined and you are successful or will be successful.

So embark on this journey in the next few months, few years, make this career a success. As you proceed, enjoy the journey.

As you continue, continue to grow yourself and make sure that every month, every quarter, every half-yearly, every year, you achieve something. You’ve got to breakthrough and you are successful in this career.

This is Jensen, Be a success.  

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