Plenty of name cards lying around? Here's how to get appointments out of them

| 14 Nov 2017

Do you have stacks after stacks of name cards from networking sessions lying around? You did not contact them because of your procrastination or perhaps you do not even remember who these people are anymore. Manmohan Abdullah, a 23-year Qualifying, Life & Honor Roll Member of MDRT from Malaysia, shares at the 10th Philippine Life Insurance Congress how you can put them to good use and secure the appointments you need.

Here’s the script Mohan he uses with prospect “Steven”:

Mohan: Hi Steven, this is Mohan from AIA, does my name ring a bell?

Steven: No.

(Which is to be expected, as even you may not even remember who he is.)

M: Mr Steven, hold on. Are you the manager of company X, and your office is at this address Y, and your telephone number is Z?

(Read out the details from the name card.)

S: Yes.

M: Mr Steven, we must have met somewhere. But please forgive me, I can’t remember where we met and I think you can’t remember, too. Let’s meet up over a cup of coffee and put a face to the name.

S: Is it regarding insurance?

M: If you want to know more about insurance, I will be happy to discuss. As you may know, 95% of all policies sold in this country (Malaysia) will not deliver the way it was meant to be delivered. Yours could be one, Steven.

Mohan explained: "At this point, the prospect will be thinking 'I have met him somewhere and he’s telling me that my insurance policies may not work the way I think it will'. Chances are he will give you the appointment. I get a lot of appointments this way."

Take out those name cards and start dialling away!

The 10th PLIC was organised by Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines and MDRT Philippines

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