Recharge for your final charge

| 27 Nov 2017

These are stressful days indeed for those of you still running for your goals as the year draws to a close. If you are in need of a recharge for your final charge, here is a list of my personal favourites of Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw's Final Sprint count down motivation.

10 of my personal favourites:

You can have many "reasons" why you can't, but you only need ONE real reason why you MUST.

When you feel stuck, it simply means your breakthrough is near. Before your breakthrough arrives, you might feel you are about to break. But as long as you don't break, you will get your big break.

You don't need motivation to keep going. You only need motion. When you keep doing, you will keep going.

When the tsunami of setback threatens to drown your dream, surf on the waves and keep your eyes on the shores.

Every Kungfu master is not a master of Kungfu, but a master of Self. Master your Self, master your Success.

What brought you onto this journey in the first place? Recall your original intention & get to your destination.

In the face of a rejection, compare it against your dream and it becomes insignificant. Only your success matters.

It doesn't matter how others are faring. Just focus on doing better than how you did before.

Arrest your negative thoughts, or they will arrest your dream. Stay in charge of your mind, decide what resides in that space.

This is the final lap, hold back nothing and just charge forward. You owe it to yourself and those who believe in you to give this lap a dedicated good run.

Which do you like best?
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