Top 5 articles in November

| 28 Nov 2017

Wonder what other readers like you are interested in? These are the top five trending articles on Asia Advisers Network in November.

For the greater good - AIA Group Chief Executive

We caught up with AIA Group Chief Executive Ng Keng Hooi in Hong Kong, where he shared the importance of a strong team and doing the right thing for the greater good.



Singapore: 3 in 5 not confident of having enough money in retirement

Have you held conversations with your clients around their retirement funding? Are your clients confident of their retirement plans? This could be an opportunity for you to tap as 56% of Singaporeans are concerned about not having enough funds for their retirement. A recent report shows that too few people are adequately saving and planning for retirement.



Life lessons from the man who beat terminal cancer "with laughter"

Eyal Eltawil is an Israeli Actor, Stand-up comedian, Author, Script writer, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After recovering from the cancer - or "making it die of laughter" - he wrote a stand-up show to share the experience he went through and the insight he acquired. I sat down with him for a chat, and these are the life lessons I walked away with.



Thailand: Muang Thai Life recognised for its innovative life and health solutions 

Muang Thai Life Assurance's vision "to be the customer's trusted lifetime partner through innovative life and health solutions by putting customers at the heart of everything we do" has driven it to success.



Loved ones pouring cold water on your goal? Here's why and how to win their support.

Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw shares in this video why loved ones pour cold water on your goal or your decision to join the insurance industry, and how to win their support.


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