"Call me back in 2018" and your world crumbles

| 21 Dec 2017

Just when you think you are getting closer to hitting your year-end goal, your prospect tells you, "Ok, call me back in 2018". It can feel like your world is crumbling before you. Here's what to do when your prospect says that.

First of all, determine what the prospect is really saying. Is it just a polite way of saying “no”?

If you feel that you have done everything perfectly up to this stage – such as establishing a need, rapport, trust, desire – only to face this objection, chances are you need to dig a little deeper to find the real reason.

According to The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer, changes are the real reason might be one of these:

The prospect isn’t the true decision maker.

  • The prospect doesn’t have the money.
  • The prospect doesn’t like your company.
  • The prospect doesn’t like your product.
  • The prospect thinks your price is too high.
  • The prospect has a friend or relationship established to buy or get your product or service in some other (more beneficial) way.
  • The prospect doesn’t like you.

Here are some questions you can try asking your prospect:

  • What will be different in 2018?
  • Is there a particular reason you prefer that I get back to you in 2018?
  • What is preventing you from taking action today?

You may also recall this video where Tylus Lim, Neuro-Persuasion Expert from Jensen Siaw International, shared what to do what to do when your client says, “I will think about it”. By simply saying, “Sure, let’s think about it together”, you may also be able to dig deeper and find out the hidden objections your prospect may not have shared with you.

And if you want to begin the process to overcoming this objection and finding out where the sale is, Jeffrey suggests you do any one or combination of the following:

  • Do you see yourself buying in 2018?
  • How will the decision be made? – to determine who else is involved in the decision.
  • Show how a delay can cost more than purchasing now.
  • Show how the advantage of purchasing now outweighs the hidden expense of waiting.
  • Ask if he has looked at the cost of delay.

Uncover the true desire, need, or objection!

All the best. Finish your 2017 strong.


Even as you are still dashing for your goals, remember to take some time out to spend it with those who truly matter in your life. And to wish you Happy Holidays, here's a behind the scenes look at some of our bloopers producing video content. I’m sure you will love it - “Bloopers. Because laughter is the best festive cheer”. 


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