December's top 5 stories

| 26 Dec 2017

These are the top five trending stories of Asia Advisers Network in December. Unsurprisingly, the top three are those that can be immediately put to use and help you in your final sprint to reach your goals. Others have found it useful. So will you.

Don’t be a “next year adviser”!

Are you still running for your goal? Or do you feel like giving up? Are you quietly thinking to yourself, how about I give up now and keep my cases for next year so I can have a good start? Don't be a "next year adviser"!

If you have not given up on yourself, we are not giving up on you. Asia Advisers Network caught up with Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw to give you the mental push you need in this final sprint to end the year on a high note.


What to do when a client says "I will think about it"

Feeling disheartened when you hear the response "I will think about it"? Tylus Lim, Neuro-Persuasion Expert from Jensen Siaw International, shares how to turn this objection into sales.

This video is produced in collaboration with Official Training Partner Jensen Siaw International.


The six principles of persuasion

There are six "shortcuts" that your brain uses to make decisions faster, according to the book "Influence".

The author Robert Cialdini said that throughout evolution, humans have created these shortcuts to be able to save time on making decisions.

We share the Six Principles of Persuasion, and how you can use them to be able to gain an advantage.


Hong Kong:Prudential introduces digital claims submission and chatbot

Prudential Hong Kong has announced two new additions to its digital transformation line-up that harness automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other technological innovations in order to provide a more personalised and accessible experience to customers.


5 ways an adviser can win the trust of a client - a marketer's perspective!

Most insurance agents and advisers are doing their best in providing professional advice in the best interests of their clients. Regrettably, there are minority who leave a bad taste and reinforce the negative perception that members of the public may hold. Asia Advisers Network's very own - Junaid Farid Khan - met up with a number of advisers in his search to increase his insurance coverage. He shares his observations and suggestions as a marketer.

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