The spirit of entrepreneurship

| 15 Jan 2018

What does IPAD have to do with the spirit of entrepreneurship? Joshua Luke, award-winning entrepreneur and business coach from Jensen Siaw International, shares what's needed to achieve success as an entrepreneur and how to get yourself out of a rut through "Association and Visualisation".


Great day to you advisers. My name is Joshua Luke, award-winning entrepreneur and business coach.

Today, I would like to share with you what is the spirit of entrepreneurship and how do you continue this journey in your work and business and strive all the way till you get success.

And the acronym is “IPAD”.

If you ask me, “Coach Luke, what is IPAD?”

Well, IPAD is I-P-A-D.

I stands for intelligence

And what is intelligence? Is it how much you've studied or how far?

It’s got to do with your business intelligence. You must look at the market. You must see who your target audience are and how are you able to cater or to customise your products according to the needs of the customer.

So listening to your customer or your potential customer or prospect is really important.

P stands for Passion

Are you really passionate about the product you're promoting, you are dealing with? Do you really have great enthusiasm and excitement whenever you deal with your products?

If the answer is “yes”, welcome to the team.

But if your answer is “no”, no worries. You just need to get yourself excited. And when you speak to your prospects or customers, just make sure that the excitement pass on coming from you and pass on to your customer. Let them feel that you're really sincere about the product and are convinced.

A stands for Adversity quotient

What is that? It’s how you overcome challenges in life. Now there’re times where you’ll get objections, there’re times where you’ll meet difficult customer situation, so what do you do? You have to continue to strive on because when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

The only difference between a person who is very successful and one who may not be so at the moment, is that the person who will get successful in life keeps on pressing on, persevering, overcoming odds.

D stands for Determination

If you’re really determined to reach a target, a goal, and at the same time you thought “wow this is really tough” and you felt very discouraged at times, you need to change your state of mind.

How? You have to use this method called “Association and Visualisation”. You have to associate yourself with more positive things or people, to get your positive vibes and you must visualize when you were successful at times, get back that feeling and make it a present moment.

So with this, I hope this will help you to continue your journey to be a great adviser.

So I-P-A-D.

Intelligence – business intelligence, Passion, Adversity quotient, Determination.

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