Top 5 articles in March

| 27 Mar 2018

What are the articles that other readers like you find most interesting? Here is a list of the top 5 most-read stories in March.

"I have all these prospects that I'm following up on" - Lies we tell ourselves?

You keep calling the same people, who keep putting you off or who keep saying "Call me back next week". You feel good because you are making the calls, you are doing your activities, and you have an answer for your agency leader - "Look, I have all these prospects that I'm following up on." Whether consciously or subconsciously, is this a lie that you are telling yourself?



Using body language to connect deeply

Is your body language giving off the right vibes to attract prospects and their attention? Or are your prospects switching off even before you open your mouth because of your negative body language? Award Winning Entrepreneur Joshua Luke from Jensen Siaw International shares tips on how to engage your clients with the right moves.



Technology helping agents in ways that were impossible in the past - AIA Group Agency Distribution CEO

When it comes to technology and its impact on distribution, the narrative has largely been around robo-advice and disintermediation. But Mr Joe Cheng, CEO of Group Agency Distribution, AIA Group, highlights the continued importance of face-to-face and how technology is also helping agents in ways that were not possible in the past.



Are positive distractions holding you back? Here's how to manage them

There are negative distractions and there are positive distractions. What are positive distractions and how can you manage them? Hear from Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw.



It took me 7 years to achieve MDRT - MDRT First VP

While we get inspired by the sharing of many first-year advisers who achieved their dreams and goals because they "set their minds to it", it is worth a reminder that everyone's path to success is different. Some journeys just take a little longer. Asia Advisers Network sat down with Ross Vanderwolf, MDRT First Vice President, who shared that it took him seven years to achieve MDRT.


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