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  • Singapore: Regulator proposes 4 measures to promote responsible recruitment

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)'s efforts to promote responsible recruitment in the financial advisory industry may have slipped under your radar. It is understandable given the attention the announcement that buyers of new Integrated Shield Plan (IPs) riders will have to co-pay a minimum 5% of a medical bill received. So what are the four measures MAS has proposed?

    Date : 13 Mar 2018
  • Singapore: 360F launches modular wealth planner based on behavioural finance

    360F has launched a lite showcase of its key product 360-FORESIGHT, a smart wealth planner designed to support advisers to build trust with their clients and help relationships stick. The planner helps advisers to understand their clients scientifically and intuitively - so that the planning process is intrinsically engaging and the outcome personalised.

    Date : 13 Mar 2018
  • Singapore: Reining in runaway healthcare costs

    Measures aimed at addressing rising healthcare and health insurance costs in Singapore have been announced.

    Date : 08 Mar 2018
  • What's new in the market?

    We bring you a roundup of what's new in the market in recent weeks. It pays to know what's happening in the industry so you are not caught unawares. It can even be a sneak peek into what's to come in your home market.

    Date : 01 Mar 2018
  • Top 5 articles in February

    Wonder what fellow professionals are reading and what others find most valuable? Below is the list of top five trending and most-read articles in the month of February. Be sure to share them with your colleagues.

    Date : 27 Feb 2018
  • What risks should you look out for in relation to virtual currencies?

    With interest in virtual currencies growing, you would have come across questions from your prospects and clients related the risks of buying into virtual currency. If you struggled to answer the question, here's some useful information.

    Date : 27 Feb 2018
  • Singapore: New products in the market

    What are some of the products that have been launched in Singapore recently? We bring you a roundup.

    Date : 19 Feb 2018
  • Singapore: Life sector's new business premiums hit record S$4 bln in 2017

    Singapore's life insurance industry grew 24% y-o-y to achieve a record S$4.09 billion (US$3.08 billion) in weighted new business premiums for the period January to December 2017, said the Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA Singapore) at a results briefing on Friday..

    Date : 11 Feb 2018
  • January's top 5 stories

    The top five trending Asia Advisers Network stories in January - insights from senior insurance industry executives and leaders.

    Date : 30 Jan 2018
  • Singapore: Rising healthcare costs are indicative of a much bigger problem - Medix Group

    A report released by the Health Insurance Task Force highlighted the sharp rise in claims as a major driver of healthcare costs. But is this the real reason for the inflation in healthcare costs? Medix Group CEO Sigal Atzmon shares her insight.

    Date : 25 Jan 2018
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