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  • 3rd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards receives 400 entries from 50 companies and 14 markets

    Some 400 entries from 50 companies and 14 markets were received for the 3rd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards. This is a reflection of the growing industry support for the awards from insurance companies and advisers.

    Date : 20 Mar 2018
  • It took me 7 years to achieve MDRT - MDRT First VP

    While we get inspired by the sharing of many first-year advisers who achieved their dreams and goals because they "set their minds to it", it is worth a reminder that everyone's path to success is different. Some journeys just take a little longer. Asia Advisers Network sat down with Ross Vanderwolf, MDRT First Vice President, who shared that it took him seven years to achieve MDRT.

    Date : 19 Mar 2018
  • Prudential plc to spin off British and European units

    Prudential plc is to demerge its UK & Europe business ('M&G Prudential') from Prudential plc, resulting in two separately-listed companies with different investment characteristics and opportunities. On completion of the demerger, shareholders will hold interests in both Prudential plc and M&G Prudential.

    Date : 16 Mar 2018
  • Technology helping agents in ways that were impossible in the past - AIA Group Agency Distribution CEO

    When it comes to technology and its impact on distribution, the narrative has largely been around robo-advice and disintermediation. But Mr Joe Cheng, CEO of Group Agency Distribution, AIA Group, highlights the continued importance of face-to-face and how technology is also helping agents in ways that were not possible in the past.

    Date : 14 Mar 2018
  • Are positive distractions holding you back? Here's how to manage them

    There are negative distractions and there are positive distractions. What are positive distractions and how can you manage them? Hear from Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw.

    Date : 13 Mar 2018
  • Singapore: Regulator proposes 4 measures to promote responsible recruitment

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)'s efforts to promote responsible recruitment in the financial advisory industry may have slipped under your radar. It is understandable given the attention the announcement that buyers of new Integrated Shield Plan (IPs) riders will have to co-pay a minimum 5% of a medical bill received. So what are the four measures MAS has proposed?

    Date : 13 Mar 2018
  • Ping An is world's most valuable insurance brand again - Brand Finance

    Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China ranks as the world's most valuable insurance brand for the second consecutive year in the global insurance sector, according to the branded business valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance.

    Date : 12 Mar 2018
  • Your unconscious fears could be blocking your path to success

    Fear - this emotion could paralyse you. When we are really afraid, a common response is the inability to respond. Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw shares how you can overcome your fear and succeed anyway.

    Date : 09 Mar 2018
  • Singapore: Reining in runaway healthcare costs

    Measures aimed at addressing rising healthcare and health insurance costs in Singapore have been announced.

    Date : 08 Mar 2018
  • Distribution channels need to evolve - MD of Max Life Insurance

    Mr Rajesh Sud, Executive Vice Chairman & MD of Max Life Insurance Company, is among the rare breed of CEOs to have survived in the top management space for over 17 years in one of India's leading life insurance companies. He has seen the development of the life industry from close quarters since its liberalisation in 2000 and gives us his perspective of the industry.

    Date : 06 Mar 2018
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