What Agents awards winners say:Agassi Wang

| 11 Apr 2017

Ms Agassi Wang of Manulife (International) Limited won the title of "Insurance Agent of the Year" at the inaugural 1st Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards in 2016. Over her 22-year career in insurance, she has come to be viewed as a leader and icon in Hong Kong's agency force, having won Top Advisor of the Year in her company for many years running since 2010. She was also the very first woman promoted to Senior Regional Director, at the top of the agency management ladder. The dynamic Ms Wang shares her experience in her journey to winning her Award:

"Winning the Insurance Agent of the Year in the 1st Asia Trusted Life Agents and Advisors Award was the most beautiful and unforgettable experience of my life – I was so surprised when I was told that I was one of the Top 5 finalists out of 500 in Asia.

I was incredibly excited about attending the awards event, and I started to arrange my gown, make-up artist and hair stylist as soon as I received the invitation.

During the ceremony, I was very nervous and could do little to calm my thumping heart. It got faster and faster until my award was announced – the honour was indescribable, it was like winning an Oscar.

Being a competitive person I enjoy leading others, and so it was a precious opportunity to participate in such a large-scale event, the first time it had been held in Asia.

During my 23 years in the insurance industry I have always believed that opportunities come to those who are prepared. I consider every day to be a fresh new start, and I have worked hard every moment with a positive attitude which has motivated me to break through and push myself to become more professional. My achievement today is based on the generous help of others, and so now that I in turn have the opportunity to help others to grow, I think I should.

 Last but not least, I want to do my best to help build a positive image for the insurance industry. We are always dedicated to helping those in need, and I hope I can work hard towards helping others learn more about us."