How can Financial Advisers and Insurance Agents Succeed on Facebook? - Part 4 (Final)

| 03 Apr 2019

Here's how we grew our Asia Advisers Network Facebook page from zero to over 13,000 followers in less than a year. If you are unsure of how to succeed on Facebook and looking for an easy blueprint to follow, read on. This is the final part of our 4-part guide on how you can succeed on Facebook.

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Now, as your Facebook Business Page is set up, fully customised, and you have put up a few posts, we can now start the marketing to get the page noticed, grow followers, get page likes, and to increase the organic reach.

Here are some free and paid ways to market and promote your Facebook page:

1.Build an audience of Friends and Family: To start building a follower base, the easiest thing is to invite your friends and family. Inviting friends and family to like your page is advantageous because it sets you off with a digital footprint and provides you with a valuable test audience. You need to pace the number of people you invite at a time to avoid temporary blocking by Facebook.


2.Interact and Engage: If an individual comments on your post, follow up with a question related to the comment or create a discussion. Facebook’s algorithm shows your interaction with individual users on the newsfeeds of users who follow your page as well as the individual’s Facebook feed.

3.Add Your Facebook Page Links to Your Website: The Facebook page links on your website should be placed intelligently. Visitors are already looking for them and expect to find them and connect with your page without having to hunt for it. When your social media links are displayed prominently, they are easy to find and it encourages visitors to like, follow, and connect.


4.Encouraging Social Sharing Through The use Of Facebook Buttons and Plugins: Your website and the Facebook page should work together seamlessly. Your marketing funnel will often work at moving traffic from your page to your website. However, you’ll also want to make sure you give your website visitors a way to like and share your content on Facebook and to interact with your page. Ensure each piece of content on your site has a like and share button next to it. You can add these manually, or you can use a third-party service to customize your buttons and make the process of adding buttons easier.



5.Use Hashtag with your posts: While “hashtag” makes most people think about Twitter or Instagram, you can also increase your followers on Facebook by using hashtags in your Facebook posts. They are used as labels on social media platforms to group similar content together, which makes it much easier to find information on these platforms with a theme or specific content. To hashtag, just use the symbol “#” before any important word in your post.

6.Tag people or companies on Facebook: Another important way of marketing your page is by tagging. Tagging on social media is a way of connecting your content with another person, company, topic, or event. On Facebook, you tag another account using the “@“ symbol.  If you are using your Facebook Page, you are only able to tag other Facebook Pages or people who follow your page. If you are tagging from your personal Facebook Profile, you are able to tag both Facebook Pages and Facebook Profiles.


7.Employee engagement: Write something good about your colleagues or employees. Tag and encourage them to like and share the post.


8.Post your customer’s pictures of your product: share customer pictures, tagging and thanking them for the post.


9.Traditional marketing: These techniques can also help you grow your audience. You should put a link to your Facebook page in your email signature and on your business cards. It's also good practice to include all of your social profiles on any marketing materials you produce.


10.Make the most of the ‘pinned’ posts: Research and experience tells us that most people will visit your page only once. They will like your page, and then continue to interact with your posts that appear in their newsfeed – but will rarely visit your wall. For this reason, your page’s primary function is to get people to click that ‘Like’ button. Facebook allows page admins to pin one post to the top of their page. Ensure that the topic of this post is interesting, unique and contains an eye-catching image.



11.Facebook ads: Facebook offers a variety of advertising options. You can choose your ad type based on your objective. Choosing your campaign objective will help you meet your advertising goals. Below are the advertising options offered by Facebook:

  • Page Post Engagement and Likes: Boost your Facebook page posts to garner more likes. Promote your page to connect with more people who matter to your business.
  • App Installs and Engagement: Facebook Advertising allows a user to install an app straight from an ad, which increases the engagement within your app.
  • Local and Brand Awareness: Reach people in the area, or reach people who are more likely to become customers of your brand.
  • Event Responses: Effective Facebook Ads can raise attendance at your event.
  • Lead Generation: Easily collect leads for your business by advertising on Facebook.
  • Video Views: Create ads that entice more people to view your video.
  • Product Catalog Promotion: Show products from a catalog to people most likely to be interested through a targeted audience.
  • Clicks to Website and Website Conversions: Send people to your website through Facebook ads as well as increase conversions; these can be tracked through a conversion pixel.
  • Offer Claims: Generate offers for people to redeem in store.

Once you’ve selected a campaign objective, you can set your own targeting and budgeting options, and choose the creative (image, video, text, link, etc.) for your ad.

Always use audience targeting. Advertising to a broad, general audience using no targeting is tantamount to throwing your money out the window. In particular, test out a variety of behaviour targeting options, as these tend to be among the most effective targeting options.


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We’ve completed the four-part guide on how to succeed on Facebook. These methods were employed during our first start-up year.

We started from zero followers, and within a year we were 13,000 strong.

For the previous 3 guides:

  • Part 1: How to create a Facebook Business page, click here.
  • Part 2: To customise and add collaborators to your Facebook Business Page, read here.
  • Part 3: To know what, when and how much to post, read here. 

Lastly, don’t hesitate to tag Asia Advisers Network on social media if it’s related to the industry. As friends of the industry, we encourage positive engagements and support within the community. And we’re more than happy to make additional friends.

Don’t forget to share your journey with us through testimonials. We would like to hear whether the methods are working out for you, so that others may try it out too.

At Asia Advisers Network, we believe one formula does not fit all. We embrace experiments, and feedbacks and are not afraid to hear if it fails. All that matters is that we tried, and we’ll share our experience, failures, and successes, so that others may learn from it too.


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