How to qualify for MDRT 2021?

| 27 Apr 2020

How do you qualify for Million Dollar Round Table in 2021? What is the production required in 2020 to become a MDRT member in 2021, given the current challenging situation? Here's what MDRT is doing to support its members.

For 2019 and 2020 Million Dollar Round Table members, here’s good news. The membership production requirement for 2021 is waived for all 2019 and 2020 MDRT members.


Even then, if you're a 2019 and/or 2020 MDRT member,  it's worth noting this message from Delia Wong, MDRT Country Chair, MDRT MCC Singapore, MDRT Qualifying Member, "Personally, I see this as a mental relief package but it will not deter me from continuing to reach for the MDRT production requirements. The mental relief package will allow us to focus on the real needs and anxieties, as well as the challenges our clients are facing, as such, job security, whether they are able to finance their premiums in times like this. We can continue to do the good work that we’ve been doing. But let’s not let this leniency in the productivity package prevent us from even continuing to have the attitude to strive for the full production requirements.

"For all my peers here, at this time, it is even more important for us to stay united as an industry. I feel so encouraged by fellow peers who text encouraging messages to everyone. I feel that this is a beautiful industry. Despite the many changes, there are many robust and good-hearted people that we can continue to work together with.

"Let the community see the good work that we do. Let the community see the great love that we have for one another. Let the community see how we have been supporting each other all because we really want to contribute positively to our clients and to provide security to their loved ones."


Back to more MDRT info: 

And the 2021 MDRT membership dues will remain at US$550.


Also, the US$200 application late fee is waived for all applicants in 2020 so you can join at any time.


How about non-MDRT members? How to be a MDRT member in 2021 then? The 2021 production requirement will be adjusted based on the effect of the pandemic.

However, at the time this was published, the actual production figure has yet to be confirmed or announced. Stay tuned for the latest by subscribing here:

For details of the MDRT Virtual Event – dates, price, who can register, speakers – visit here:

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