MDRT Virtual Event Day 3: Vote for the Type of Person You Wish to Become

| 06 Aug 2020

Video produced by Azri Bahari

Day 3 of MDRT Virtual Event centred on becoming a better version of ourselves. We bring you the highlights on becoming more resilient, becoming more focussed, and voting for the type of person you wish to become.

Stress-Proof Your Brain and Body

Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans, an expert on physiology and chemistry, as it relates to resiliency, confidence and performance shared how to stress-proof our brain and body.

While you can’t stop stressful events from happening in our lives, learning about the chemistry of stress and resiliency can help you be ready to rebound.

One strategy she shared was “micro burst” for the body to “play it out” as a coping mechanism. All it takes is 30-60 seconds for “bliss molecules” to change the body’s chemistry. She suggested simple exercises such as rope jumping, shadow boxing, and “Nordic ski racing”.

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Playing it out will leave the body and brain more resilient for future events because recovering from the stress of exercise helps in the recovery from the stress of everyday life, she said.


What Matters Most?

Ian Green

Ian Green in his incoming President speech said: “My aim for MDRT in the coming year is for it to be the best it can be.”

Sharing one of his favourite quotes that applies to business, personal life, and to the progression of MDRT, he said: “It’s what we do, when we’ve done enough that matters most.”

On development plans in store for existing members and aspiring members, he shared about the MDRT Mentoring Program and MDRT Academy.

The MDRT Mentoring Program has already been rolled out in simplified and traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean with more languages to follow, he said.  

Next, the entirely new app-based association for aspiring members. The MDRT Academy will officially open for membership in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, going live on 1 November 2020. In China, it will go live in 2022.


Avoiding Distractions

Curt Steinhorst

Curt Steinhorst, Founder of Focuswise, a consultancy that equips organisations to overcome the distinct challenges of the constantly-connected workplace, shared how to effectively communicate and create focus when speaking to audiences, leading employees and engaging clients.

He said: “What captures and keeps your attention will define the quality of your work, the trajectory of your career, the depth of your relationship, your view of the world, and the role you will play in shaping the future.”

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Distraction is confusion about what deserves attention. “Your clients need you to help them focus on what deserves attention,” he said.

What you don’t pay attention to withers. Put your focus on what’s important, he said, adding: “Clients will not give you their attention if they don’t believe you value it the way they do.”


Get 1% Better Every Day

James Clear

James Clear, an entrepreneur, writer, personal development keynote speaker, explained how small habits, decision-making and continuous improvement can make you 1% better every day.

Excellence is not about radical changes, but about accruing small improvements over time, he said.

On the power of tiny gains, he said that just by becoming 1% better every day, you will become 37 times better at the end of a year, he shared. (1.01 to the power of 365 days = 37.78)

For those who are struggling to improve, he said the problem is not you, but the system. He said: “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

He shared the strategy of the two-minute rule where you scale down the habit that you are trying to build into something that takes two minutes or less to do. While some may say it is oversimplified, he said that a habit must be established before it can be improved.

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become,” he said.

How can you get 1% better today?

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