MDRT Virtual Event Day 4: Marketing Strategies to Achieve MDRT

| 07 Aug 2020

Video produced by Azri Bahari.

Our coverage of MDRT Virtual Event Day 4 focusses on marketing strategies by MDRT members to help you achieve your Million Dollar Round Table qualification and capping it off with Nick Vujicic's sharing on living a "Limitless Life".

The ROI of Relationships

Steve Sims

Steve Sims, Founder of Bluefish, the world's first luxury concierge that delivers personalised travel, transportation and entertainment services, shared on the ROI of relationships.  

“We are in the relationship economy now,” he stressed.

To build relationships through effective communication, he shared: “Regardless if it’s the Pope, Elton John, Richard Branson or Elon Musk, if you want to communicate with them, you need the 3 E’s – Engage, Entertain, and Educate.”

Focus on the 3 E’s, that is how we need to be in every single conversation, he said.


3 Easy Ways to Wow Clients

Michael Morrow

Michael Morrow, a 12-year MDRT member with 30 years of experience, shared what it takes to build a successful, referral-based business from the ground up.

There are three easy ways to wow clients to build client engagement and foster client loyalty to enhance the lifetime value of clients, he said. He sends high-touch gifts in a high-tech world - photos of clients turned into puzzles, client care packages and original newspapers from the day the clients were born on.

Everything that we do, we try to make memorable and have a human connection. Here are the questions he asks before he sends anything out to clients or prospects: is it different and better; does it have high impact; does it have a long shelf life; and does it help to establish us as a credible source in our clients’ eyes?

Labelling the costs of such gifts as investments, he said: “You can’t play small with your decisions and big with your income. When you consider the lifetime value of a client, the costs of this stuff is insignificant and the value is huge.”


Transition from Wow to Aha!

Priti Kucheria

Priti Kucheria, a 19-year MDRT member with two Court of the Table and 16 Top of the Table honours, said to really stand out among achievers, you need to transition from being a “wow” adviser to being best in class through improving the service experience of your clients from “wow” to “Aha!”

The focus has to shift from products and services to the customer experience throughout the journey, not just to satisfy but to delight them, she said.

When your client feels “Aha! I found the right adviser”, you become referable. Your clients will refer you to others instead of you having to ask them to do so.


How to Win Clients and Keep Them

Alessandro M. Forte

Alessandro M. Forte, a 22-year MDRT member with two Court of the Table and 22 Top of the Table qualifications, said over the years he has learnt two very important things about prospects and clients.

“The first is whether they like and trust the adviser, and also to find out whether there’s a need which can be met,” he said. “But I’ve also learnt, we need to understand if this prospective client is one we like and trust, too, good relationship develops. Good relationship develops when two people are fully committed.”

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To position yourself for success, he said at the start of meetings, he tells his prospects that there are two reasons for the meeting – one, to see if we want to work together; and two, for me to understand if I can help you.

In this way, both parties get to decide. “Prospects have the right to choose or reject us, and we have the right to choose or reject them,” he said.


Inspiring Wisdom

Jennifer A. Borislow and Tony Gordon

Jennifer A. Borislow, Past MDRT President and 32-year member, interviewed Past MDRT President and 42-time Top of the Table member Tony Gordon, to tap on his wisdom.

Self-discipline and self-believe are what will bring success, he shared. “We’ve got to visualise what it is that we want to achieve.”

“Do we have a picture in our mind of what we want? That is what turned this from a job into a career and future,” he said.

For those who have been badly impacted by the pandemic, he encouraged all not to lose hope. In the context of a lifetime in the business, what is three months?


How to Step into Your Authenticity to Build your Brand

Charlene Quaresma

Charlene Quaresma, a three-year MDRT member with one Court of the Table qualification, shared that if you are for “everyone”, you are for “no one”.

Charlene specialises in flexible financial planning for millennials, digital creatives and real estate professionals, and unique planning ideas for the LGBTQ community.

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“When I showed up as my authentic self, someone who was curious, passionate, empowered, they saw themselves. They were frustrated with the inequity of access to money and financial education for themselves and they wanted to plan. No one was talking to them,” she said. “They were all hungry for financial advice and they wanted education.”


Limitless Life

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic, motivational speaker and evangelist, spoke about living a limitless life.

Born without limbs, he shares with the world his inspirational story of faith, hope and triumph in the midst of adversity.

“We all have adversities, don’t we? Your adversity looks different than mine,” he said.

“Fear holds us back. That’s the one common denominator. Fear of what people think of you, fear of rejection, fear of failure, but we can overcome fear… by the deep conviction of believing in something despite what you see, despite what you know, despite what you don’t know, you hold on to what you believe,” said Nick. 

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