FWD Group launches first-ever podcast series aiming to change the way people feel about insurance

| 08 Jan 2021

FWD Group has launched its first-ever podcast series: Changing the way people feel about insurance... with FWD. The podcast will offer insights into FWD's innovative approach and areas of expertise as well as the exciting trends in Asia's dynamic insurance industry.

Each episode in the podcast series will showcase a member of FWD's highly experienced leadership team in Asia.

The first episode features FWD Group CEO Huynh Thanh Phong. As one of the most experienced and well-respected leaders in Asia's insurance industry, Phong explains the personal philosophy that inspires his work, reveals what his customers have taught him, and describes how FWD is taking a bold new approach to a legacy industry. The following episodes will be released fortnightly.

Each episode will feature FWD leaders from a diverse range of areas within the business. The entertaining and enlightening conversations are designed to appeal to, and inform, FWD's customers, business partners, and employees and will cover topics ranging from FWD's brand and culture, to its customer-led approach, to innovative technologies and industry trends that are driving business initiatives.

Azim Mithani, FWD Group Chief of Staff, commented, "We're delighted to announce our first-ever podcast series which is designed to bring powerful stories and helpful insights and information to our customers, partners, and employees located all across Asia. FWD is a digital-first insurer that prides itself on innovation, so launching a unique and educational podcast is a very logical step and aligns with our ambition to engage and inspire our customers in new and exciting ways.

“Today's audiences are looking for original, on-demand content that sheds new light on old topics. This is exactly what our new podcast series is all about and we hope it will allow us to illuminate trends and leading-edge solutions in insurance to our audiences throughout Asia."

Bernadette Stevens, FWD Group Vice President, Brand & Marketing, said, "Our new podcast series will enable us to start a fresh conversation in what is a largely unoccupied space in the Asian insurance industry. Our aim is to stimulate interest in insurance and explain complicated subject matters in a creative and accessible way.

"At the same time, we are providing access to deeply candid conversations with FWD executives that illustrate exactly why we're different and ahead of the curve, and ultimately changing the way people feel about insurance." The podcast is available on all major platforms including Apple podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify with options to follow or subscribe. 

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