The MDRT Academy continues to grow with new members from Sun Life Asia

| 01 Jun 2021

The MDRT Academy - a new association helping financial professionals accelerate their careers - recently welcomed more than 670 advisers from Sun Life Asia to its membership ranks. The addition of Sun Life advisors from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia will make Sun Life the MDRT Academy's largest membership company to date.

The Academy will supplement Sun Life’s Brighter Gen and Brighter Pro training and development program, and together support Sun Life’s ambition to be a market leader in quality financial advice.

The MDRT Academy was launched in 2017 to help financial services professionals reach greater production levels and join MDRT. The MDRT Academy was designed to be a fully digital experience, allowing members to access the tools, resources and community anytime and anywhere through an intuitive website and mobile app.

The MDRT Academy features an assessment that helps members better understand and identify their strengths and growth areas — and personalises content to a member’s needs and areas of interest. It also offers goal setting and performance tracking tools, monthly webcasts featuring MDRT members, performance guides, as well as hundreds of articles, videos and podcast episodes. MDRT Academy members also have the opportunity to attend MDRT’s Annual Meeting.

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