Taiwan: Cathay Life Insurance unveils new 'Health First' strategy

| 20 Feb 2023

Cathay Life Insurance, Taiwan's largest insurance company, is utilising technology to better serve customers in areas such as improving health awareness, suboptimal health, and elderly care as part of its new strategy for customers.

The company has also increased commitment to spillover insurance policies, encouraging customers to improve their health in return for a reduced premium or bonuses. These four focus areas allow Cathay Life Insurance to provide the most complete health coverage in the industry. 

"Cathay Life Insurance has eight million policyholders and services more than 20 million insurance policies in Taiwan. Facing challenges such as an ageing population, the pandemic, emerging technology, and the environment, it is necessary to approach insurance in a more agile and digital way to fulfill customer needs," said Mr Abel Lin, spokesman of Cathay Life Insurance.

Since the launch of spillover insurance policies in 2018 that included a successful wellness programme, Cathay Life Insurance has continued advocating for a transition from protection to prevention to engender a healthier society and for customers to utilise their policies to the fullest potential. 

One of the four major areas in the strategy involves the newly launched wellness programme "FitBack", which is embedded in the Cathay Life App. It serves as a constant reminder and encouragement for customers to stay committed to health goals, upgrade their membership levels, and reap the rewards. The company also joined hands with cross-industry partners to create health-orientated tasks for customers. 

To further generate awareness about the importance of keeping healthy, Cathay Life Insurance has actively expanded its spillover insurance policy offerings in recent years to focus on pre-emptive prevention and reduction of claims. Presently, the company ranks top when it comes to profits from spillover insurance policies in the market and is aiming to strengthen its position with the launch of the industry's first spillover insurance policy that combines membership levels with discounted premiums. 

As for the area of suboptimal health, Cathay Life Insurance is partnering with local and renowned clinics to provide comprehensive care services. The teams comprise doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, and educators to craft a personalised approach to healthcare for policyholders. 

For the elderly population, the company is also consistently improving its services for this group of customers, training staff to be health consultants that are well-versed in elderly care and governmental resources and working with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop cognitive function testing services.