India: Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance unveils new campaign

| 10 Jun 2024

Bajaj Allianz Life has unveiled a compelling campaign aimed at addressing the fundamental issue of underinsurance.

The cornerstone of this campaign is the 'Thumb Rule'—advising individuals to secure term insurance coverage that is at least 10 times their annual income.

Mr Shubman Gill, known for his prowess on the cricket field, will step into a new role to guide viewers through the essentials of term insurance. 

Commenting on the campaign launch, Mr Chandramohan Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life, said, “Simplifying by dejargonising is one of the potent solutions to overcome the perceived complexity coupled with high customer inertia, a key challenge faced by insurance industry. The lack of knowledge has been one of key barriers resulting in India’s high protection gap at 87%.

“Our underinsurance educational initiative equips customers with right advisory to make sound decision, keeping in mind long-term protection needs of the family. Anchored on a thumb rule of 10x, we are confident that the initiative will aid easy comprehension and induce appropriate actionability." 

Through a series of captivating films, Bajaj Allianz Life will highlight the importance of the 10X life cover guideline.

To maximise its impact, Bajaj Allianz Life has launched a 360-degree marketing campaign, spanning television, print, outdoor, digital and extensive use of fininfluencers.

The message will be amplified through social media outreach as well.

As the nation gears up for the T20 World Cup, Bajaj Allianz Life's campaign will be showcased there, driving home the importance of adequate insurance coverage, reported Bizz Buzz.