Top 5 stories in October

| 01 Nov 2018

We understand that October's a busy month for most of you. With the final quarter of the year left to achieve all the goals you have set, time would be tight. You may have fallen behind the news and trends, but we'll bring you up to speed with the top five stories that caught everyone's attention.

1. It all starts with a dream- exclusive interview with an astronaut

Former NASA astronaut Dr Leroy Chiao shared with Asia Advisers Network founding editor Benjamin Ang what it was like pursuing his dream of being an astronaut. 

Read more here to find out the similarities of being an astronaut and being a leader in the corporate world, and why whatever your stretch goal may be, it all starts with a dream.


2. Exclusive interview: John C Maxwell Shares Leadership lessons with Asia Advisers Network

Watch John C Maxwell, world-renowned leadership expert, New York Times bestselling author, coach and speaker. He shares lessons he has learnt on his own leadership journey and what you can do to become a better leader in this exclusive interview with Asia Advisers Network.

- What does it mean to be a leader?
- What are the qualities to look for in a potential leader?
- How to lead millennials?
- What can you do to become a better leader?


3. Distribution in a Digital Economy- BNM Assistant Governor

Times are a changing. The age we’re living in is growing more attuned to digitalisation, and it’s growing big and quickly. To keep up, Assistant Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia shared three strategies on how agents can thrive in a Digital Economy.

Read more here on the three strategies he shared in this keynote presentation.


4. AIA transforms customer service with insurance industry’s first humanoids

Have you seen humanoid robots in customer service lounges before? If you haven’t, click here and watch it.

AIA Singapore has launched two humanoid robots to help with frequently asked questions at its customer service centres. You can meet Pepper at the AIA service centre at Finlayson Green or Nadine at Tampines service centre.

So, do not be surprised if you’re one day greeted by a humanoid receptionist.


5. What’s New in the Market - Week 43

If you are always pressed for time and do not have the time to spare reading and sourcing for news and updates, then keep a lookout for “What’s New in the Market”.

Under this new segment, you will find items stripped to their barebones with only facts and figures left. What’s New in the Market also covers product launches, collaborations, new initiatives and talent movements.


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