Top 5 articles in February

| 05 Mar 2019

What got our fans' attention in the month of Feb? We bring you our most-read articles to keep you in the know. Be sure to share this with your friends and colleagues.

1. Rise of the "ROBO" - Great Eastern MD Ben Tan

There has been an emergence of 'ROBO' but it's not all artificial intelligence and robots. "Yes, we have seen an emergence of 'ROBO' but it's more of 'research online, buy offline'," said Ben Tan, Great Eastern Managing Director of Regional Agency, FA and Bancassurance.

He also talked about how consumer behaviours have changed over the years with the prevalent use of mobile devices and digital technology. And how he foresees the role of advisers to change in the coming years.

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2. Three shocking facts you don't know about the insurance world

Three key statistics in the insurance industry that most are unaware of. Benjamin Ang, Founding Editor of Asia Advisers Network, cut through the noise as he shared these insights

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3. AIA launches Singapore's first policy that covers mental illnesses

AIA Singapore has launched AIA Beyond Critical Care, the country's first critical illness insurance plan that covers mental illnesses.

According to a Singapore Mental Health Study by the Institute of Mental Health and Nanyang Technological University, one in seven Singaporeans experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime, an increase from one in eight in 2010. And of those who have experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime, the majority - about 75% - did not seek professional help.

The policy provides coverage for five mental illnesses and tackles the stigma of mental conditions head-on and to encourage timely and appropriate treatments.

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4. Top 5 tips on how to boost your business on LinkedIn

When it comes to LinkedIn, a few questions would normally come to mind. What is social selling index? How does my business brand correlate with my personal LinkedIn platform? And, why use LinkedIn instead of Facebook or Instagram? Many financial advisers are still not utilising the power of LinkedIn. In this article, we take a look at why it should be part of your overall strategy to boost your business.


5. Why do rejections hurt so much? - A scientific explanation

Rejections from prospects, rejections from clients, rejections from loved ones, rejections from candidates, and the list goes on. Facing rejections is part and parcel of a career in the insurance industry. But why do rejections hurt so much? We take a look at the science behind it and what to do about it.

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