Committing to MDRT

| 14 May 2019

There were plenty of smiles, tears and steely determination in the eyes of participants at the end of this 2-day performance breakthrough boot camp conducted by International Motivational Speaker and Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw.

The boot camp was conducted in partnership with AIA MDRT Vision Team for the sixth consecutive year in Singapore to a maximum capacity of 100. 

Searching deep within

It was my first time assisting and attending this boot camp and it was a real eye-opener. There were none of the horror boot camp stories I’ve heard of screaming, physical assertion, ridiculing and breaking people down.

Rather, the magic was in the ability to get participants to search deep within themselves for their “Why” to succeed. 

While some appear to be unsure and unconvinced at first, the mood noticeably changed as the morning progressed with hands-on exercises. Burning questions soon came thick and fast as participants seek clarifications and direction to overcome obstacles.   

There were also “Hot Seats” for those who were brave enough to confront their fears and emotional baggage. With deep conversations and effective questioning, Jensen was able to help unlock the emotional shackles holding them back. 

There were also plenty of success stories and sharing by practitioners to inspire and show the way.

There was cross-border learning with sharing from Soh Yan Xin who qualified as the youngest ever Court of the Table financial planner in AIA Malaysia in 2017 at the age of 27.

Also, assistant coaches were made up of past boot camp participants who benefitted from the boot camp and found their breakthrough in achieving MDRT. Paying it forward, they returned to facilitate and to mentor participants the boot camp.   

Roadmap to success

Other than finding the inner motivation, each participant also wrote down their roadmap and action steps of exactly how to go about achieving their MDRT goal.

At the end of the two-day boot camp, participants shared publicly their learning points and commitment to achieving MDRT.

If you attended the event, it’s a promise, it’s a date, I’ll see you at MDRT!  

Watch Video Highlights of the Boot Camp here

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