What will your story be like? This is Alibaba's

| 24 Sep 2019

As Alibaba celebrated its 20th Anniversary, Jack Ma returned to Hupan Garden: Birthplace of Alibaba. Ma's Hangzhou apartment in 1999 was where it all began for Alibaba.

He reflects on those early days and what it took to build Alibaba into what it is today.

Some inspiring messages Asia Advisers Network got out of it:

Tough days

“But we know, without these tough days, we can never be today.”


Big goal

“The goal at that time, we want to be the top 10 websites in the world. At that time, we were ranking like, probably one million or something, one million or two million.”




"It’s the dreams that keep us working hard. It’s the dreams that keep us never afraid of the mistakes, the setbacks we have.”


What will your story be like when YOU reflect?

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