Singapore: AIA and WhiteCoat expand partnership on telemedicine services

19 Nov 2019

Singapore-headquartered digital healthcare provider WhiteCoat has expanded its partnership with AIA Singapore to provide policyholders access to affordable on-demand telemedicine services on their mobile devices.

This collaboration is another initiative introduced as part of AIA’s centennial celebrations in 2019 and follows WhiteCoat’s appointment as the insurer’s exclusive telehealth provider to individuals covered under its corporate insurance plans in April this year.

From November 2019, this value-added service will be extended to policyholders of AIA HealthShield Gold Max, a Medisave-approved integrated shield plan and AIA’s largest individual health policyholder group.

Bryan Koh, CEO and Founder of WhiteCoat, said: “As the official telehealth provider for AIA, we are excited to be able to expand our market-leading partnership to include individual health insurance policyholders and provide quality and accessible healthcare to even more people in Singapore.”

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Dr Alan Ong, Medical Director, AIA Singapore, said: “Our strategic partnership with WhiteCoat offers AIA policyholders access to immediate medical care without having to leave home. This value-added service makes healthcare more accessible for our policyholders, while allowing them more time to get rest and recover. We believe that such digital health innovations have a lot of potential to improve healthcare in Singapore in a way that is in sync with our busy and digitally connected lives. Telemedicine would also be particularly useful for people who have issues with mobility such as the elderly.”

WhiteCoat’s services have been integrated within AIA’s Healthcare App, providing policyholders a range of healthcare services which includes medical video consultations, issuance of medical referrals as well as prescription, dispensation and delivery of medication anywhere in Singapore. These services are anchored by WhiteCoat’s in-house team of qualified and experienced Singapore-registered general practitioners (GPs).

Policyholders may also request to be referred directly to AIA’s Quality Healthcare Partners (AQHP), should a specialist referral be required following a consult with WhiteCoat. Referrals can be seamlessly issued within the same session, providing policyholders access to more than 200 experienced private medical specialists across 26 medical disciplines.

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