3 tips to achieve your year-end goal - Agnes Ng, Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year 2018

| 11 Dec 2019

Counting down to the end of 2019. And for those who have yet to achieve your year-end goal, this is the time when the mentally strong emerge, says Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year 2018 Agnes Ng.

She shares her three tips for achieving your goal:

Over the years, first as a financial consultant, and now as an agency leader, here are my observations and my advice on how you can navigate this period, which can be both exciting and stressful depending on how you approach it.

1.     Re-commit to your goal

With time ticking away, the easiest thing for most people to do now is to start considering to give up. This is especially if you are some way off from your goal.

My advice is to bring yourself back to the beginning of the year. To the point in time, when you set your mind on the goal.

See yourself in that same spot, that same feeling and that same desire when you penned your goal down.

A goal by itself is not a number that we chase blindly. It is what that number represents. A stepping stone to our dreams and lifestyle we want for ourselves and our family members.

So rather than see it as a number that you choose to achieve or not, see it as your aspirations for yourself and your family.

Re-commit to your goal and what it represents so you will not be tempted to choose the easy way out by giving up.


2.     Never compromise on your principles

Even as we chase our dreams and goals in this final quarter, we must always remember that we are not just a salesperson.

We are a professional with heavy responsibility. To help our clients plan for a secure financial future and to achieve their financial dreams.

As companies pile on campaigns and incentives to motivate and drive us, which are all wonderful initiatives, we must not be swayed and influenced by them in our financial planning for our clients.

This is a lifelong career. Our clients' interests must always be our top priority.

We must not lower our standards and professionalism for short term gains that will be detrimental to us in the long term.


3.     Buddy up

One of the best things I would encourage you to do is to find a mentor, a senior or someone who is as determined and driven as you to achieve their goal this year, and buddy up or form a small focus group.

In this way, you will have someone to pace with and someone who you are accountable to every day. The right activities matter and sometimes people forget that in this period when they are stressed.

Share your wins and frustrations. Sometimes even our closest loved ones may not be able to understand our emotions in this period. So it helps to be able to vent or get advice from someone who is going through the same emotions as you.

Motivate each other. When you're down, there's someone to pick you up. And when others are down, you can be there to cheer them on. And we can all win together.

There's still time left to achieve what you've set out to do this year. And even as the clock ticks away, come back to these pointers when you need help navigating the days ahead and may they help you to achieve your goal this final sprint.

Agnes Ng won Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year at the 3rd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2018. 

Read about her deserving win here. 


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