Hong Kong: Tahoe Life appoints CEO

| 07 Jan 2020

Mr Allan Yu, Chief Executive Officer of Tahoe Life

Tahoe Life Insurance Company Limited has appointed Mr Allan Yu as CEO effective 1 January 2020.

In this role, Allan will be responsible for driving Tahoe Life to become one of the leading life insurers in Hong Kong and continuing the success of Tahoe Life in driving further growth and sales through multiple distribution channels, as well as capitalising on the opportunities brought about by the development of the Greater Bay Area, said the company statement.

Allan first worked for Tahoe Investment Group Co., Ltd. on the acquisition of Dah Sing Life Assurance Company Limited and Dah Sing Insurance Services Limited in 2016 and was one of the core members in the process. He then became Executive Director of Tahoe Life in 2017 following the successful completion of the acquisition. He has very strong bonding with Tahoe Life and has rejoined the Company since October 2019.

Possessing over 45 years of experience in the general and life insurance industry with exceptional management strength and expertise in underwriting, pricing, reinsurance, claim reserving models and product development particularly in general insurance, Allan is a proven leader with profound experience, business vision and the ability to bring people together. He assumed various senior management roles in international and local insurance companies previously, including CEO of the Hong Kong branch of a Swiss international insurer

Mr Huang Qisen, Chairman of Tahoe Investment Group Co., Limited and Tahoe Life, said: "Allan is an industry veteran who has outstanding leadership capabilities and extensive networks within the industry. I have the highest confidence in Allan and his team who can lead Tahoe Life to drive profitable growth with the unanimous support of the Board."

Current positions held by Mr Allan Yu, ACII, Chartered Insurer, include Chairman, Insurance Training Board, Vocational Training Council, Chairman, Insurance Industry Training Advisory Committee, Qualifications Framework, and Honorary Secretary, Insurance Complaints Bureau.

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