#MunchwithJenandBen- Ep 7- Leaders lead the way

| 01 May 2020

Produced by Jensen Siaw International.

Murphy's law was real for episode 7, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".

This is true as co-hosts Jensen Siaw, International Motivational Speaker, Benjamin Ang, Editor and Ken Kish, Owner of Munch Munch, had to troubleshoot their way as they battle with connectivity and reception issues.

We were glad our viewers had the patience watching us as we ‘froze’ countless of times during the talk show. Some even gave tips and advice to Ben and Ken on some troubleshooting as they could not connect through. On one hand, we were having a headache with the connection, but on the other hand, we were touched and warmed by our viewer’s sincerity and encouragement to continue to participate and engage with one another in the chat box.

So, the show carries on!

If CoVid-19 and circuit breaker measures did not stop #MunchWithJenandBen, why should technical issues stop them now? The show pressed on!

Who are our featured leaders?

Bringing to you three established leaders in the industry to share with you how they are dealing with the CoVid-19 and pandemic situation, and how they continue to maintain their business and keep their team motivated to reach their MDRT goals.

Jong Thian Lung, 11 time MDRT member, COT and TOT qualifier. He is even a speaker on MDRT’s Main Platform along with big giants such as Solomon Hicks and Ross Vanderwolf.

In his video he shares how he’s a big believer of mindset over skill- “only with the correct mindset you’re able to apply all the skills you have learned and apply them effectively.”

Time stamp: 11m mark

Watch his training video on: Creating your own positivity

Don’t worry if you’re having connectivity issues, too. Here’s a summary of his tips and pointers:

Staying positive amidst a lot of negativity (CoVid-19 and lockdown measures)

Thian Lung says, “Have lots of “Yes”sss to boost your days” by

  • Focussing on small, short-term goals that are easily attainable throughout the day. Thian Lung says it’s best to set 3-hrs interval blocks (i.e. completing tasks you give yourself within the 3 hrs block). Ticking items off your to-do list generates positive vibes that will boost your morale and productivity.
  • Have a detail tracking on your daily activities. That means writing down every action you’ve taken the entire day for an end-day review. Thian Lung says, it serves as a feel-good factor especially when you’ve accomplished so many items in the day. At the same time, it shows you whether you’d need to cut back on TV or slacking.


Calvin Lee, Digital Agency Leader of the Year, and FSMA President (2019/20). He has over 13,000 LinkedIn followers and uses LinkedIn as a recruitment tool. As an engineer by training, he approaches his business and ideas systematically and analytically. He even has a 10-step Success system for recruitment via LinkedIn

Time stamp: 20m 30s mark

Watch his training video on MDRT Formula for you and your team

Here’s a summary of Calvin’s video:

Calvin says, “To motivate your team to still achieve their MDRT goals during this period, you’ll need three things: Mind set, digital skill and target market to focus on.”

Mind set: Ask yourself if there’s anything you can do during this pandemic period other than binging Netflix and surfing the internet. Some may take this period as an excuse to not do anything, but Calvin decided to start a #28dayChallenge with his team where he encourages all to post something positive every day that shows what they did to help a client.  Although it’s a challenge, he encourages his team to have fun and continue to bring positivity and that the prize at the end is nothing more meaningful than the journey of the #28dayChallenge.

Digital skill and target market: Calvin illustrates with a slide show – MDRT Formula for success (Time stamp: 22m 45s mark)

Innately an engineer, Calvin says, “This formula will always be valid with or without a pandemic”.

“In order to meet MDRT requirements, there are only 5 key parameters that we need to work on.” He added.

Appointments: The number of appointments you need to go for the whole year

Closing Ratio: For every XX appointments, how many can you close?

Cases closed: How many cases were closed in that closing appointment itself?

Average case size: What’s the average of your cases?

Average FYC% per case: Take an average across a good sample size

Calvin goes on to explain the formula and the only variable factor is: Hardwork. Otherwise, the maths all add up and MDRT is attainable.

More on Calvin:

First time's luck, second time's a pattern - Calvin Lee, Asia's Top 5 Digital Agency Leader of the Year

Digital Agency Leader of the Year - Calvin Lee


Melvin Toh, MDRT member and Agency leader with a max attrition rate of 10%. People who join Melvin’s team rarely leave him once they join and continue journeying with him even till today.

In his video, Melvin shares how he bonds his team virtually:

Time stamp: 33m 45s mark

Meeting his team virtually every day at 10am, he keeps them engaged as well as helping them build their virtual presence. Taking business online now, Melvin make sure his consultants role play and work on their presentation with him virtually, after all, meeting clients online is not the same as meeting them face to face, and they’ve got one chance to make a good impression.

Being a good leader is also important during this time of crisis. He shows how he care for his members by buying Mac Donald breakfast for them and their family members (before MCD announced closure). Being real and keeping things real is also a crucial point he puts through to his team.  



Stay tuned to us and come online every Tuesday at 9pm SGT. Stay safe, safe sane and stay home! See you soon.

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