#MunchwithJenandBen - Ep 9- Create a great virtual impression

| 15 May 2020

Produced by Jensen Siaw International

A continuation from episode 8- Master Virtual Selling, episode 9 builds on your virtual impression and how to score well at it.

Celebrity master personal branding consultant, Joshua Luke continues selecting lucky viewers who joined in the live talk show and brought them online to give them personalised advice on their skin tone, and shared what range of colours best suit them.

Special guest Agnes Ng, Asia’s Rookie Agency Leader 2018, who has since been promoted to Financial Services Director said, “Virtual meetings are here to stay. CoVid-19 has changed the world. We definitely hope we can go back to face-to-face - meetings with our clients, conducting our training sessions and coaching - as the social interactions and human touch cannot be replaced. However, virtual meetings will co-exist with us in the future, so, either you’re on board, or you get left behind.”  

With that, she shared a checklist of 10 items on how to create a fantastic virtual impression.

Timestamp: 7m 40s

Agnes’ Checklist:

  1. Good Lighting: be at a section of your house that has good sunlight cast on yourself. Alternatively, you can get a ring light to cast more light on your face.
  1. Choose a real background: Some may opt for a virtual background, but Agnes prefers not to use an image for her background. “Everyone’s working from home, so it’s relatable to have your own room as a background.  This also helps to put both client and yourself on the same page.”
  1. Stable WIFI connection: Agnes advises that you should hold your virtual meetings in the strongest spot in the house, however if that’s not feasible, use a WIFI extender to ensure you can still receive and connect clearly with clients regardless of where you are at home.
  1. Look professional:  For ladies, a little tint or colour on your lips to bring life to your face. For men, gel your hair up to look neat.
  1. Dress up: Dressing up can switch your mentality and prepare you for work. This way you’d find yourself more productive when you’re in the mode for work. Agnes dons a suit whenever she meets her team online. “You create an impression on your team that you’re ready and prepared. And because you bothered to dress up, this energy gets transmitted through the virtual meeting to your team.”
  1. Ensure web camera is at eye level: Ensure you position your iPad, phone or laptop at eye level.
  1. Look into the camera: Ensure that you’re looking into the camera so that your clients can see that you’re looking straight at them.
  1. Microphone: wireless or wired? Agnes prefers wired microphone as the connection is better and there’s greater confidence that it doesn’t get disconnected.
  1. Speak at a comfortable level: Do not raise your voice just because you think you sound far away. You do not want your clients to think that you’re yelling at them. Always do a voice check and ask if your clients can hear you properly.
  1. Surprise your clients: You can take your relationship one step further by arranging food delivery to your clients and team mates.


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Since the early days of #MunchwithJenandBen, Coach Joshua had been a strong advocate and has emphasised that “online presence is an extension of your offline branding”. Sharing more on dressing for virtual branding, Joshua conducted a live virtual skin tone analysis for a few lucky members from the audience whom he gave advice based on their skin tone.

Timestamp: 21m 15s

Here are some takeaways from his lesson today.

Skin tone: People will either have a cool or warm skin tone. If you are neither cool nor warm, you’ll fall into the neutral zone.  How do you tell what skin tone do you have? According to Joshua, if you think you look better in pure white, pink and black, you most likely have a cool skin tone. If you look better in off-white, brown and orange, then you most likely have a warm skin tone.

One other method to identify your skin tone is to look at the veins. Are your veins greenish or blue/purplish in colour? If your veins look greenish, you may have warm skin tone. For Blue/Purplish, you may have a cool skin tone. If you can’t tell, you may fall under the neutral skin tone.

Timestamp: 46m 05s

Decoding a tanner skin, Joshua pulled co-host Ken’s picture up for analysis. Using grey and bronze as colour plates for decoding ken’s colour tone, Joshua pointed out that Ken looks better in grey, thus cool skin tone.

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