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| 03 Jul 2020

Source: Jaden Wang Group

It has been a difficult and trying period for all of us globally. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused much unfortunate loss of lives and livelihoods. The Circuit Breaker measures that were introduced in Singapore early April were necessary to curb the spread of the pandemic, albeit causing many businesses to suffer, and jobs getting cut unless businesses adopt and adapt the ways of the digital world.

What was once traditionally done face to face, had to be adjusted to suit the online world. Workshops, training sessions and client meeting were all held online. Many embraced the digital transition, but there were also many who struggled to adapt. Regardless of the industry, having a strong mastery of digital tools brings countless benefits for individuals and corporations.

At Jaden Wang Group of Assets Prestige Alliance (“APA”), the entire team took these new changes in stride and continued supporting one another digitally, emotionally and mentally. Equipped with digital tools that Prudential launched, APA financial consultants were able to seamlessly transition to online appointments and consultations with their clients.

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Quality services even when done online

When it comes to catching up with clients and teammates, Zoom and MS Team were their main mediums of communication as  these platforms gave the financial consultants a way to continue servicing their clients “face-to-face” in a virtual setting. The screen-sharing feature also allowed presentations to be done flawlessly as if they were conducted physically.

By bringing meetings online, the team gets to check in twice every week, instead of the usual once a week in the office. This indirectly strengthened their bond as a family unit even further as they could get in touch more often and provide support despite not being physically there for one another.

Also, who knew that going digital meant that seminars could become even more successful? With everyone staying home, there were more sign-ups for the webinars organised, as participants saved on travelling time and attended them at the comfort of their own home.  

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Protecting lives never once disrupted

The COVID-19 outbreak may have disrupted the economy and the way we meet and communicate. But the team at APA understands how lives need to be protected now more than ever. Using a digital tool, Docusign, documents can be signed legally online. This means that clients are able to sign for their insurance policies and coverages easily, without ever worrying of meeting their financial consultant physically.


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Jaden Wang, Co-Founder of Assets Prestige Alliance said, “I’m so proud of APA. They picked up the usage of all these tools really fast, ensuring that we could still service our clients at almost maximum capacity. They embraced technology and adapted well to the sudden change on how things operate.”


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