Inspirational Agency Leader of the Year 2020 - Wong Ching Lih

| 03 Sep 2020

Inspirational Agency Leader of the Year 2020 - Wong Ching Lih, AIA Bhd., Malaysia

For overcoming adversities, including a large family loan burden on her shoulders when she first started in this industry and fighting cancer since being diagnosed two years ago, and continuing to thrive as an agent and agency leader.

Ching Lih sees an opportunity in every adversity she faces and believes that all challenges can be overcome if one is determined and filled with purpose.

She joined the insurance industry when she was in dire need of money – with a family loan of RM700,000 on her shoulders for which she was the guarantor. With minimal education background and starting from scratch as an agent, she relied on her drive and determination to help her succeed.

Being diagnosed with cancer about two years ago was another curve ball life threw at her. But she has taken it in stride. “You realise that living a life with purpose is of utmost importance. You cannot predict what will happen the next second, so you live every day like it’s a celebration and realise that life is very beautiful,” she said.

A brush with mortality can make one aware of how precious time is and, therefore, she is determined to use her time to impart the knowledge and to show her agents the ropes in the industry. Having set a sterling example, she continuously reminds her agents that everyone faces adversity, and it is how one deals with challenges which determine success.

Ching Lih, also known as Kelly to her friends, is in her seventh year of MDRT qualification and looks forward to becoming a qualifying and life member in her 10th year. Some of her remarkable achievements and accomplishments include: 3-star million dollar agency; highest production in Sarawak; LIMRA AMTC certified moderator; groomed three MDRT qualifiers in year 2019; and awarded top district manager in AIA Sarawak.

On top of that, she does not forget her responsibility to give back to society. In addition to the monetary donations through her agency, Ching Lih and her team visit old folks homes every Chinese New Year. She also organises workshops and gets teachers to volunteer to teach the less fortunate children as part of their way to give back, amongst other initiatives.

From an uncertain career transition due to debt to battling cancer, her indomitable fighting spirit is an inspiration to everyone around her.


The 5th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards was made possible by organisers Asia Insurance Review and Asia Advisers Network, co-organiser LIMRA, and strategic partner AIA. Winners were selected in an independently-audited judging process. More information on the Awards and winners can be found here.