LUAHK: Newly elected Executive Committee will take office in January 2021

| 27 Oct 2020

L-R: Bowen Wong (Vice President), Henry Tsang (Vice President), May Keung (Hon. Secretary), Stanley Tse (Vice President), Davey Lee (2021 President, Henry Cheng (2020 President), Diane Poon (Hon. Treasurer), Carrie Chan (Vice President), Teresa Yuen (Vice President), and Kent Law (Vice President)

The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong (LUAHK)'s newly elected Executive Committee 2021 will officially take office in January next year.

Davey Lee, 2021 President of LUAHK, will succeed current 2020 President Henry Cheng.

The appointment holders are (L-R in main picture):

Bowen Wong (Vice President);

Henry Tsang (Vice President);

May Keung (Hon. Secretary);

Stanley Tse (Vice President);

Davey Lee (2021 President);

Henry Cheng (2020 President);

Diane Poon (Hon. Treasurer);

Carrie Chan (Vice President);

Teresa Yuen (Vice President); and

Kent Law (Vice President).


Davey Lee

Davey said that in Hong Kong, like many places over the world, this year is indeed a difficult year.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, many large-scale activities, courses, and conferences of LUAHK could not be physically held. As a result, members have fewer opportunities to get together to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Despite facing such a challenging environment, LUAHK has not stopped in its quest to serve the insurance industry and has found different ways to try its best to carry out the works as planned.

Adapting quickly to the pandemic situation this year, LUAHK held courses and conferences online so that members could continue to use e-learning to enhance their knowledge and skills. “In difficult times, we must equip and enrich ourselves, and show what we have learned after the epidemic,” he said.

Although some large-scale events such as MDRT and LUA Convention could not be held online and have been postponed to the next year, LUAHK creatively organised the Distinguished Manager Award (DMA) & Distinguished Agent Award (DAA) awards ceremony this year with active pariticipation of the winners as their achievements were promoted online.

Despite the pandemic, LUAHK’s motivation to serve the industry did not diminish. Before a vaccine against the virus becomes available, we must learn to coexist with the virus, he said

On LUAHK’s plans for 2021, Davey said: “We would do our best to serve our industry no matter the challenges ahead of us. We would help our industry to step into the Great Bay Area by organising visits to different related organisations and holding essential seminars with development topics in order to create a platform for exchanging ideas and learning from each other.”

Davey concluded by thanking the contributions of 2020 President Henry Cheng and all members of the executive committee and looks forward to continuing to work together with the team for the industry and bringing LUAHK forward in the coming year.

LUAHK Executive Committee

Credit: All pictures courtesy of LUAHK


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