ZA Insure launches new VHIS plan

| 25 May 2021

In celebration of its first anniversary, digital-only insurer ZA Insure has launched the ZA VHIS, a standard plan under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS), at the best price in Hong Kong. The new plan offers comprehensive protection to users with affordable pricing.

Regardless of an insured person’s age, ZA VHIS comes with low annual standard premiums. An 18-year-old non-smoking male may enjoy up to HK$420,000 ($54,000) medical coverage for a full year with an annual premium of HK$1,115, equivalent to a daily premium of HK$33. The plan is not subject to a lifetime limit, and policy renewal is guaranteed up to the age of 100.

The plan offers extensive coverage of medical expenses across different phases of illness and recovery. Congenital conditions, unknown pre-existing conditions and diabetes may also be covered. The plan provides worldwide coverage with 24/7 digital claims processing, allowing the insured persons to make claims regardless of time and location even when they arrange medical treatments abroad.

ZA VHIS is eligible for tax deduction. Based on the highest tax rate of 17%, users who purchase a ZA VHIS policy for themselves or family members can get up to 17% of premium discount. Each insured person may claim tax deductions of up to HK$8,000 per year for the premiums paid.