Manulife launches critical illness plan for Malaysians

| 21 Jul 2021

Manulife Insurance has launched a new critical illness plan called Advance Beyond Critical Cover (ABCC) which provides holistic coverage from early stage of diagnosis to post treatment events. The ABCC is an extension of its Beyond Critical Cover series, that also covers illness or accidental events that require hospitalisation.

The plan also provides multi-stage critical illness and admission events benefit, cancer treatment booster benefit, disability care benefit and special benefit.

Under the multi-stage critical illness benefit, customers are covered from early to advanced stage critical illness. In addition, they are also covered in the event of any illnesses or accidental events that require hospitalisation under admission events. They will receive benefit payment up to 125% of face amount under the multi-stage critical illness benefit and the admission events benefit.

In addition, if a prolonged treatment for advanced stage cancer is more than two years, the cancer treatment booster benefit will provide an additional 50% of face amount to support treatment of the recurrence of cancer. The disability care benefit will provide customers an additional 50% of face amount should a major critical illness hinder their independence after recovery. In the event of diagnosis with diabetic and joint related conditions, the special benefit will provide customers a benefit pay-out up to 40% of face amount.