Digital tools and virtual selling here to stay

| 15 Mar 2022

In the short span of about two years, the pandemic has changed how advisers interact with their clients. Agencies have adapted, to conform to prevailing social distancing regulations and to match changing customer habits.

The pandemic has changed clients’ attitudes towards how close they feel they need to be to their insurance agent. Daily operations will have to continue to reposition with digital tools and virtual selling to thrive.

Channel of potential sales

As social distancing rules are gradually eased and in-person events make a comeback, potential customers may still hesitate to attend due to lingering potential health risks. The importance of finding customers during their online research phase for insurance products is thus greater. Agencies can use affordable digital marketing techniques to attract customers.

Revisit digital marketing strategies

Review your marketing plans and evaluate cost-effective digital methods to attract new customers. Younger people who begin to consider insurance and investment plans are digital natives used to 24/7 availability of online products and services, via web platforms or mobile apps. Features that make it easy for current and potential customers to file claims, review policies, compare insurance products and costs, and speed up claims processing are prized by this market segment.

Ensure the components of your plans are aligned towards reaching your goal.

  • Website: Is your website optimised for local clients to find your business online?
  • Facebook and LinkedIn: Are you posting fresh and relevant content through social media?
  • Email marketing: Are you using email and e-newsletters with interesting content to keep existing clients engaged?

Make the website easy to find online

Assess your website to make sure it can be found easily via search engines such as Google. Check that the site is optimally structured so that visitors clicking on your URL can be led through a virtual selling path that results in a new customer for you.

Increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking by completing your Google My Business profile to get more visibility to your current business website on Google Search and Google Maps.

Reassess social media content strategy

When you post regularly in social media on topics that are relevant to your customers, your audience will come to rely on and value the insights that you share.

It is important to post fresh content frequently. Establish a regular routine in your email marketing, social posting, and blog content to increase your interaction with customers and demonstrate your expertise.

Personalise your communication

When switching to virtual platforms, being able to personalise communication with clients is where insurance agents can stand out. The capability to build personal relationships virtually through skilful use of tools such as social media techniques, video conferencing and a consultative approach is a key asset to getting new clients and retaining current ones.