Recognising Asia’s outstanding

It is the ninth anniversary of the Asia Trusted Life Agents and Advisers Awards and in the last nine years, Asia Advisers Network (AAN) has saluted some 206 awardees and empowered life insurance agents consistently not only to raise excellence standards for the Asian insurance industry, but also recognised their efforts as the soldiers of the industry to carry on doing what they do best - serve their clients and do the industry proud.

As we now stand at the beginning of 2024, entering the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, we are confident that this year will bring a plethora of new highs for agents and advisers as they persevere with passion and duty for their clients. 

We at AAN are truly proud to be a significant part of acknowledging the hard work and dedication of agents across Asia for almost a decade now. In the last nine years, we have witnessed such amazing feats and efforts of the agents and agency side of the business. We have witnessed how they have morphed and blossomed as the industry itself has evolved. 

We have seen them thrive through many transformations the industry has taken – from recessions to pandemics to geopolitical challenges, through a massive change in customer expectations, the digital revolution and the new buying culture and so on. Yet one thing has remained consistent – a never-give-up attitude despite some very punishing circumstances.

AAN and Asia Insurance Review, together with co-organiser LIMRA and strategic partner AIA, are indeed proud and humbled to be able to continue rewarding excellence and launch the opening of nominations for the ninth year.

We are excited to see what agents have accomplished this last year. The year 2024 holds immense promise for agents. It remains to be seen what new ground they will break in the post-pandemic era and how they will adapt, innovate and continue to commit relentlessly to excellence and customer service.

Agents and advisers play a pivotal role, serving as the frontliners and the link between people’s lives and protection and security. It is not merely about selling insurance policies. It is about trust and providing peace of mind. They play such a huge role as educators, estate and financial planning advisers, advocates, risk managers, counsellors, friends and confidants. Many see their clients through significant moments in life from the birth of their careers and their children right to the end. They are the pillars of support for life’s highs as well as the most challenging moments. It is not just a job, it is a calling, a passion.

We are proud to be associated with such a team of people who embody this ethos every day. Through these awards, we aspire to endorse and reward deserving candidates for the work that they do behind the scenes to embody what life insurance is all about.

We at AAN would like to thank the esteemed panel of judges for helping us recognise the exceptional work of the agents. Our appreciation also to the patron of these awards for the last nine years, Mr Mark Tucker, for his continuous support to this cause. And of course, to our strategic partner, AIA as well as all the supporting organisations for their dedication and partnership.

So let the competition begin. Nominate and showcase your strength and all you have done. This will also motivate your peers. If you have seen a shining star that should be applauded, make sure you send in a third-party nomination as well.

We look forward to welcoming the entries this year. All the best. May the Year of the Dragon be a great prosperous and healthy one for all of you.

Here’s to 2024.

Sheela Suppiah
Asia Insurance Review, Middle East Insurance Review and Asia Advisers Network

It is with great pride and joy that, as founding patron of the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards, I once again have the opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our valued frontline colleagues.

As the awards reach their ninth successful year, it is important that we take stock of the significant contributions the insurance industry and its leaders – including all of the nominees – have made in helping people, their families and our communities move forward.

And that is against the backdrop of another challenging year. Many countries, faced with stubbornly high inflation, have seen their central banks implement the most aggressive policy tightening in four decades, with businesses and households, still reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, having to adjust to the higher costs. The devastating wars in Europe and in the Middle East – human tragedies first and foremost – have added further uncertainty and volatility to the global economy.

By the end of 2024, voters in more than 70 countries will have been to the polls, making it the biggest election year on record. The outcomes are likely to have implications that extend beyond national borders, impacting trade, the green transition and geopolitics more broadly.

And it is in this highly complex environment that agents and advisers have once again distinguished themselves. They have enhanced customer experience through the use of innovative technological tools, best-in-class products and the peace of mind that comes from human engagement. They are the critical link of the insurance ecosystem and a driver of the industry’s continued growth.

I am delighted that the achievements of the nominated agents and advisers will be celebrated in Singapore later this year.

Thank you to Asia Insurance Review and the Asia Advisers Network for their leadership in making this happen.

Mark Tucker
Founding patron of the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards and group chairman, HSBC Holdings plc