6th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2021

Judging Date: 6 May
Awards Ceremony: 7 July

Congratulations to all the winners of the 6th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2021!

Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year

Chan Fun, Nicholas

Manulife Hong Kong
For achieving Court of the Table (COT) status within six months as a rookie and Top of the Table in the following successive years; for capitalising on his own experience to reach out to people in the same age group; and inspiring his fellow agents and helping to promote the culture of young MDRT achievers.
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Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year

Nguyen Thi Van

Manulife Vietnam
For taking the initiative to improve public perception of life insurance; for building a strong team and recording outstanding performance in such a short period; and for instilling customer-centric values in her team.
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Financial Adviser of the Year

Lee Zi Yi, Michelle

Manulife Financial Advisers Singapore
For using her position and knowledge to empower women financially and strive towards greater economic and social equality; for upgrading herself with the necessary skills to enhance the quality of her service to clients during the pandemic; and for dedicating time, effort and resources to social initiatives.
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Bank Partner of the Year

Krungthai Bank, Thailand

For helping its partner insurer maintain its strong growth over the last few years; for transforming its salespersons into insurance and financial products specialists; and for launching initiatives that have helped its partner insurer reach untapped segments and bring more complex products to market.
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Digital Agent of the Year

Joyce Chan Ann Ni (Zeng Anni)

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
For leveraging social media and other digital tools to grow and improve her business; for taking the initiative to help her financial consultants (FCs) as they transitioned into the digital era; and for her efforts in sharing her experience and knowledge of human psychology.
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Employee Benefits Consultant of the Year

Anthony Wong

AIA International, Hong Kong
For always going beyond contractual obligations to build strong relationships with his clients; for finding ways to innovate and address shortcomings in the business; and for leading by example and mentoring new people and encouraging them to pursue the employee benefits business.
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InsurTech of the Year


For creating tools that enhance the quality of relationships between agents and their clients; for simplifying technical terms to make it easier for clients to understand their insurance coverage; and for developing personal branding tools that help advisers enhance their position and referrals.
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Digital Transformation of the Year

AIA Singapore

For creating an app that allows agents to serve their customers better; for developing a claims portal that drastically speeds up claims turnaround time; and for launching a platform that lets customers better engage with their insurance portfolios.
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Employee Benefits Provider of the Year

AIA China

For creating an online platform that facilitated the work and training of its agents; for upgrading its HR infrastructure to cope better with the challenges presented by the pandemic; and for upgrading its employee benefits services to make sure employees were well taken care of during the pandemic.
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Inspirational Leader of the Year

Karine Lam

AIA International, Hong Kong
For maintaining consistently high standards while being an inspiration to those around her; for leading her team in efforts to help vulnerable segments of the community during the pandemic; and for being a positive influence while giving back to the industry and the community.
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Insurance Agency Leader of the Year

Shih Fang Huang

Cathay Life Insurance, Taiwan
For helping his unit achieve excellent long-term performance via recruiting and giving lectures on business topics; for sharing his experience managing agencies and sales teams with less experienced sales managers; and for outstanding leadership which has seen many of his subordinates qualify for Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).
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Lifetime Achievement Award

Wong King Kwok Raymond

AIA International, Hong Kong
For his continued efforts over many years to improving the image of the industry and its agents; for sharing his knowledge and experience through books and workshops which benefitted agents and other professionals; and for working to address industry issues while maintaining the highest levels of performance.
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Insurance Agent of the Year

Wee Keng Kin Jacqueline

AIA Singapore
For going the extra mile to take care of her clients and raise support for those in need during a pandemic; for giving back to the industry by providing guidance for new agents; and for building strong relationships that have seen her stand by her clients across multiple generations.
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Young Executive of the Year

Yun Ching Shih, Batsy

Cathay Life Insurance, Taiwan
For creating systems that educate the company’s agents and spreads the experience of standout agents; for coming up with marketing tools that help agents raise customer awareness of insurance, and for coming up with a methodology that allows agents to communicate insurance concepts more completely.
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Insurance Company of the Year

AIA Singapore

For empowering its agents with digital tools during the pandemic; for helping its customers and the community manage and overcome the challenges of the pandemic; and for supporting Singapore’s efforts to upskill the financial sector workforce.
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Executive Champion of the Year

Wen Wei Fan

Nan Shan Life Insurance, Taiwan
For conceptualising and implementing strategies including establishing a systematic agent training platform to transform the company’s sales force; for helping the company innovate through introduction of new policies and cooperation with a local university; and for spearheading sustainable philanthropy and public services.
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