About Asia Advisers Network

"Insurance agents are pushy and overpaid!"

"With technology and digitalisation, we can finally get rid of face-to-face selling to boost insurance protection!"

"Financial advisers and insurance agents are glorified salesman driven by commissions!"

Sounds familiar? Many of these statements are often repeated in various forms in the media and it can feel like the world is against insurance agents and advisers out there.

Totally unfair if you ask us! While there are bad apples in the industry (which industry doesn’t?), the majority of advisers are out there pounding the streets every day and doing a professional job in narrowing the protection gap in society one family at a time.

You are the true unsung heroes (and heroines) of the insurance industry!

Even the greatest advisers & leaders had help

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What makes Asia Advisers Network different and why do we understand you?

AAN has intimate knowledge of the insurance industry. This is an initiative by Asia Insurance Review, the premier publication trusted by senior leaders and key decision makers in the region after 27 years of dedicated service to the insurance industry.

To address the misconceptions and negative image that others may unfairly have of advisers, we showcase and celebrate excellence with the Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

Our Founding Editor Benjamin Ang understands the wonderful role that professional advisers play, having started out as one in his career.

Other than the latest industry news and development, we are your go-to platform for insights from CEOs and thought leaders, and we bring you lessons from the very best in the industry to help you excel.