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  • Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year 2020 - Joyce Chan

    For stepping up to serve fellow practitioners despite being relatively new in the industry through sharing regularly at company-level and industry-level events, and for the conviction in moving from helping people reactively in her previous role as a Police Officer to now helping others preventively, Joyce Chan, Prudential Assurance Company, Singapore, was named Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year.

    Date : 12 Aug 2020
  • Lessons from the Pandemic - How do we take control of our financial health

    We are in unchartered waters globally. Not long ago, we saw that a cup of bubble tea was in greater demand than a barrel of oil. Indeed, COVID-19 has upended life as we know it, grinding it almost to a halt, hurtling us into an economic recession that's not of our making. For many, this has deepened worries about money with news about businesses shuttering, wage freeze and pay cuts, and even job losses dominating today's headlines.

    Date : 11 Aug 2020
  • Singapore:Survey shows Singaporeans ill-prepared for end of life and incapacitating events

    People in Singapore are relatively more unprepared for disability and incapacity than they are for death, with only 39% of those responding to a survey saying they have lasting powers of attorney or delegations in place.

    Date : 22 Jul 2020
  • Great Eastern encourages people to Live #Lifeproof - to inspire Resilience in the new norm

    Great Eastern has unveiled its Live #Lifeproof brand campaign, launched nationwide in Singapore on both online media and social media platforms.

    Date : 21 Jul 2020
  • Singapore: 5,000 Prudential financial consultants to get IBF-accredited certification

    5,000 Prudential financial consultants will undergo a new certification programme as part of insurer's continuous commitment to invest in their agency force.

    Date : 15 Jul 2020
  • AIA Singapore announces key executive leadership changes

    AIA Singapore has announced several key changes that will take place within its top management team with immediate effect.

    Date : 14 Jul 2020
  • An insurance agent is more than just an agent

    What value do you provide as an adviser? Are you taking your clients for granted? Asia Advisers Network's very own Gladys Tan shares her personal experience with two agents as she seeks advice and recommendations on getting her critical illness coverage before the definitions are revised.

    Date : 14 Jul 2020
  • #EmbracingNewNorms to better serve clients

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the countermeasures announced caught many people by surprise and threw financial practitioners off-balance. But by adapting rapidly and embracing new norms, Jamson Chia, Financial Services Director, SP-Strategic Alliance, Authorised Representative of AIA Singapore Private Limited (Reg. Number 201106386R), shared how it has helped him double his number of appointments and serve his clients better.

    Date : 07 Jul 2020
  • Singsaver survey reveals Singaporeans gone digital for financial habits

    A survey conducted in June analysed 1,000 responses detailing Singaporeans' biggest challenges with personal finance, changing financial habits and attitudes.

    Date : 06 Jul 2020
  • Living in a technologically-advanced age

    It has been a difficult and trying period for all of us globally. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused much unfortunate loss of lives and livelihoods. The Circuit Breaker measures that were introduced in Singapore early April were necessary to curb the spread of the pandemic, albeit causing many businesses to suffer, and jobs getting cut unless businesses adopt and adapt the ways of the digital world.

    Date : 02 Jul 2020
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