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  • The insurance impact of Ever Given's Suez Canal blockage

    The grounding of an ultra large container ship - the Ever Given - in the Suez Canal brought traffic on the central shipping route between Europe and Asia to a standstill, with the potential to create more than $40bn dollars of trade disruption.

    Date : 29 Mar 2021
  • The not so merry adventures of the Robin Hood generation in financial markets - Allianz

    The recent US equity market rally highlights the rise of a new kind of "all-in" retail investor, one that is ramping up leveraged trading through the derivatives market, primarily via call options, we take a closer look via this report by Allianz.

    Date : 16 Mar 2021
  • APAC lags behind the world in gender diversity in senior management

    To commemorate International Women's Day 2021, Grant Thornton's latest report tracking the global progress of women in senior management surveyed approximately 5,000 mid-market businesses in 29 countries reveals that encouraging progress on gender diversity in business seen globally except the APAC region in 2021.

    Date : 09 Mar 2021
  • Pioneering cyber insurance: Munich Re partners with Google Cloud and Allianz

    Munich Re, Google Cloud and Allianz have announced a joint partnership towards pioneering cyber insurance, a first-of-its kind collaboration between a major cloud provider and leading cyber insurance companies. .

    Date : 04 Mar 2021
  • Global: Takaful sector's annual gross written contribution to more than double by 2024

    What is the potential of the global takaful sector? What is the annual gross written contribution of the takaful market in 2020, and what is the projection in the next three years?

    Date : 23 Feb 2021
  • How life insurers can transform into a new-age digital hybrid sales distribution model post COVID-19 - Max Life Insurance Deputy MD

    With the COVID-19 outbreak, life insurers across the globe have witnessed an acceleration of a digitally enabled model of distribution. V. Viswanand, Deputy Managing Director, Max Life Insurance, shares in this article how life insurers can transform into a new-age digital hybrid sales distribution model post COVID-19.

    Date : 22 Feb 2021
  • Asia Pacific has the highest percentage of medical claims fraud

    Asia Pacific has the highest percentage of medical claims fraud, sitting at 4%. This is double that of the EMEA region and almost triple that of the US. The insurance industry loses about $1 billion in fraudulent medical claims each year, but it does not have the time, resources and scale to combat the problem. This was the problem that RGA attempted to solve with their claims adjudication automation solution.

    Date : 07 Feb 2021
  • AAG: Putting Singapore on the financial advisory world map

    Determined to fly Singapore's flag on the global stage, Advisors Alliance Group created history in the financial advisory world when it became the nation's first "100 IDA Team" in 2018. They are now the only group in Singapore to have been awarded thrice. Asia Advisers Network had a chat with Sunny Yap Soon Jin, Executive Director of Advisors Alliance Group, an authorised representative of AIA Financial Advisers in Singapore, to learn about the secrets behind its success.

    Date : 28 Jan 2021
  • Covid-19 trio tops global and Asia Pacific business risks

    A trio of Covid-19 related risks ranks at the top of Allianz Risk Barometer 2021, reflecting potential disruption and loss scenarios companies are facing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Business interruption (#1 with 41% responses) and Pandemic outbreak (#2 with 40%) are this year's top global business risks with Cyber incidents (#3 with 40%) ranking a close third.

    Date : 19 Jan 2021
  • Top cyber insurance industry predictions for 2021

    Cyber insurance is expected to go mainstream to address the spike in cyber risk for individuals and small businesses. Cyberscout, a provider of personal and commercial cyber risk assistance services, shares its perspective on the fundamental shifts in the global cyber risk landscape that happened in 2020, and what 2021 will bring for the insurance industry.

    Date : 14 Jan 2021
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