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  • New ways to reach the younger generation of potential policyholders

    At the recent Global Annual Conference of the International Financial Architects Academy (IFA Academy), speakers touched on how insurance professionals can navigate the brave new world of life insurance.

    Date : 24 Apr 2022
  • Educating and advising clients

    For the average customer, insurance is complicated and confusing. In most cases, your potential client is not familiar with the types of insurance available and how to identify the ones most appropriate for them.

    Date : 21 Mar 2022
  • Digital tools and virtual selling here to stay

    In the short span of about two years, the pandemic has changed how advisers interact with their clients. Agencies have adapted, to conform to prevailing social distancing regulations and to match changing customer habits.

    Date : 15 Mar 2022
  • Five techniques to get more clients

    Once you have sold a policy to a client, you can start relying on premium renewals for revenue. But how do you even get to that stage? Whether you are working on expanding your clientele or are a newbie, looking for ways to get new clients is a constant priority. Here are five ways you can go about doing so.

    Date : 14 Mar 2022
  • Women starting to invest earlier

    More than a third (35%) of younger women said they started investing with a modest sum of money to get comfortable first, according to Fidelity's 2022 Money Moves Study released on 1 March to mark the start of Women's History month.

    Date : 10 Mar 2022
  • Different ways to close a sale

    Successfully closing sales is what gets insurance agents their income. But what are the better ways to close a sale? It varies from person to person and depends on what works best for each individual.

    Date : 08 Mar 2022
  • Your new colleague the robot

    "Futuristic" is no longer a word we can use in connection with robots. The future is here.

    Date : 21 Feb 2022
  • Taking care of your client, and yourself

    After two years of having COVID-19 upend our lives and expending much time and energy dealing with the pandemic and the extra challenges it wrought on our lives, you may be feeling exhausted. But you are not alone - it is very likely that many of your clients are feeling the same way.

    Date : 08 Feb 2022
  • Report shows new approach needed in new working environment

    A recent report by Cigna International has shown that while over two-thirds of respondents say they would like the option to work from home in the future, whether that's full time or part time, two in five employees say they are working longer hours at home than in the office.

    Date : 20 Oct 2021
  • 2022 MDRT Executive Committee assume roles for the new term

    The 2022 MDRT Executive Committee ushers in an integrated approach to supporting the financial services profession, as Randy Scritchfield, CFP, LUTCF takes his place as 96th president and Carol Kheng, ChFC, joins as secretary. The Executive Committee will empower financial services professionals to redefine the limits of success, equipping them to rise, excel and lead throughout the full cycle of their careers.

    Date : 02 Sep 2021
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