Insurance adviser to the rescue - Successful critical illness claim after four years

| 22 Aug 2017

The value a professional insurance adviser brings often goes unnoticed. Read about how an adviser went out of her way to help a policyholder successfully claim for critical illness even though four years have past.

Ghee Ting, Financial Consultant with Prudential Singapore, shared in a facebook post:

I take great pride in the work that I do and I strongly believe everyone should always understand what coverage your policies are giving you.

Today, I have made a BIGGGG difference to one of my client's life.

She came to me as a referral from another client, mainly to transfer her policies to me as her previous agent no longer services her. She was also concerned with her existing coverage as she was diagnosed with a critical illness 4 years ago, while in her early 20s. During a review of her insurance policies this year, there was a critical illness rider in one of her Prudential policies which she could have but did not claim. I quickly proceeded to check with Prudential if this claim was possible even though it was almost 4 years late.

The next few days were spent on gathering the required documents, and medical reports from hospitals. From submission of the claim forms along with full medical reports, to the day the cheque was received, the entire process took just 7days (27July-3Aug2017). Quick and efficient yah!

I must say I am absolutely proud to be with Prudential, a company which honour promises, and we are talking about a claim that is made 4years late! In addition, Prudential also refunded ALL the premiums, all 4 years worth, that she had been paying since she was diagnosed ill. No questions asked.

So for all who have been putting your financial planning aside, I strongly urge you to prioritize your planning while you are still healthy and insurable. Policies are not a lie, as long as you know what you're buying. There is no harm in giving your policies a good look again, understand what you're paying for. There is a good reason why annual reviews are necessary; circumstances are always changing, staying updated is only beneficial for you.

A simple review, over a cup of coffee, and a BIGGGG difference was made. Take some time, bring out your policies, we can work together, call me.


The public perception of an insurance agent or adviser is often negative and it is not hard to understand why. More often than not, whenever a social media post on insurance goes viral online, it is a complaint against an adviser or an insurance company for unfair practices or denied claims.

We believe that should change. If you have an experience such as this to share, do get in touch.