29th EAIC in Manila set to wow the industry

| 10 Jan 2018

Hundreds of Asia's leading insurance executives and upcoming talent will converge on Manila on 6-9 May 2018 for the 29th East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC). The bi-annual gathering has moved to an earlier slot this year to avoid scheduling conflicts in the market and to draw the maximum number of delegates. Mr Augusto Hidalgo, Chief Delegate of the Philippines, gives a sneak peek into one of the most exciting gatherings that is set to take place on the Asian insurance circuit this year.

Q: Could you give us an update on preparations thus far?

Logistical preparations for EAIC in Manila are well underway. Delegates can now register through our website (eaic2018manila.org) and avail of early bird rates until 31 January 2018. Sponsors are confirming their participation while a few are even looking for venues for their cocktail parties. We are firming up the programme and working to get the most compelling speakers for our content.

Q: Why was the theme “Managing Disruptions, Driving Change” chosen for the conference?

We live in a challenging world where disruptions – be it in technology, security, or even demographics – are becoming the new normal. We have new devices or technology (think anything in the realm of InsurTech) that various sectors are now incorporating into their own businesses aggressively.

With this growing sophistication in the digital world, our exposure to cyber attacks is heightened, posing yet another disruption to the insurance industry. And with these new realities, plus various socioeconomic factors, the needs of our client bases shift. On top of that, the profiles of our clients are dynamically changing as manifested particularly by this new breed of customers – the millennials with higher disposable incomes.

So come to think of it, these disruptions are woven together, which heightens their combined potential impact on our businesses. For any (re)insurer then to thrive in such an environment, it is necessary to see these disruptions not as a roadblock but as an opportunity for greater learning leading to sustained growth.

This is why we chose the theme “Managing Disruptions, Driving Change”. We want to help the industry grow by harnessing the opportunities in these disruptions and using these to their advantage by enabling positive change in their organisations.

We know we have achieved our goal for the 2018 EAIC if our delegates feel better equipped to strategise their businesses’ long-term growth. And I believe we would have done our job really well if delegates eventually feel that these present, emerging, and future disruptions are actually something to be embraced and welcomed.

Q: What can delegates look forward to at the 29th EAIC Conference?

There is something happening on Day 2 of the conference that no past EAIC conference has done before. For fans of TEDx talks, we have something that you will surely enjoy. For those who have not heard of TEDx then what we are offering will definitely be a new experience for you.

We do not want to reveal too much information yet but if readers want to get updates, we recommend them to email to info@eaic2018manila.org and request to be part of our mailing list, or better yet, register now!

The 3rd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards gala dinner will be held in conjunction with the 29th EAIC on 7 May 2018. Mr Dennis B Funa, Insurance Commissioner of the Philippines, is Guest of Honour of the Awards. Submit your entries now!