It took me 7 years to achieve MDRT - MDRT First VP

| 19 Mar 2018

While we get inspired by the sharing of many first-year advisers who achieved their dreams and goals because they "set their minds to it", it is worth a reminder that everyone's path to success is different. Some journeys just take a little longer. Asia Advisers Network sat down with Ross Vanderwolf, MDRT First Vice President, who shared that it took him seven years to achieve MDRT.

The secret to success in the industry is no secret – it is hard work. “That’s one the beauties of the industry. If you work hard enough, you will be successful,” he said.

At the same time it is not easy because if it were a lot more people will be doing it. Sharing from his personal experience, he said: “I was in the industry for a year-and-a-half and I was finding it very tough. I was even thinking I may need to find another job. But I sat down for a conversation with someone who told me that if you are prepared to commit yourself to being successful, you will be successful.”

And over the years, he has seen it for himself. When new advisers come in committed to making a success out of this career, they tend to be successful. Whereas if they are sitting on the fence and not sure whether this is the career for them, that is when you lose them, he said.

Even then it took him a few more years to achieve MDRT. Sometimes it is also about timing. When life stages change – for example marriage – one may become more focussed and committed to achieving success.

“When you have responsibilities, when you have someone depending on you, you do not want to let them down,” he said.

But once you get going, when you have that self-belief, success breeds success, he said.

For those who are struggling at this moment, he said: “Find the most successful agent around you, sit down for a chat, share your dreams and goals and ask for mentorship.”

“Which is why being part of MDRT is so important for advisers. MDRT is a community of excellence and members help each other. Surround yourself with other successful advisers and you will be successful,” he concluded.

Photo credit: MDRT

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