Singapore:AIA partners Medix to launch market-first personal medical case management services

11 May 2018

AIA and global medical management company Medix have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide personal medical case management (PMCM) services to the insurer's Singapore customers.

The service was officially launched on 9 May. Said to be the first-of-its-kind in the city state, it will help AIA Singapore customers with serious medical conditions make sure that they obtain the right diagnosis promptly, access optimal treatment and are supported through their treatment journey till recovery by a personal medical case management team with 24/7 access to an assigned doctor and nurse. Singapore is the second AIA market to benefit from it after Hong Kong, where the insurer introduced the service in July 2016.

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AIA Singapore chief executive officer Patrick Teow said, “The strategic partnership with Medix helps to ensure that the right diagnosis is reached and the best possible treatment, inclusive of personalised support is provided to customers every step of their medical journey. We are confident that with this exclusive partnership, we are able to empower our customers to live healthier, longer and better lives.”

Currently, the service is available on a complimentary and optional basis to AIA Max Essential A and A Saver policyholders, who number about 230,000. These are add-on coverage schemes for AIA’s Integrated Shield plan (IP). IPs are plans which provide enhanced coverage by private insurers on top of the benefits of the mandatory basic government-run MediShield health insurance scheme in Singapore.

The service includes medical assessment, re-evaluation, referral for testing, ongoing multi-disciplinary consultations and long term medical guidance by Medix’s 300 in-house doctors and a global network of over 3,000 leading independent specialists. It is provided for a period of at least 3 months and available upon need throughout the customer’s medical journey.

Medix will first summarise a customer’s medical history and current test results, collect multidisciplinary opinions from different specialists and hold multidisciplinary team discussions. Based on this, it will recommend and coordinate the best possible treatment plan, including referral or recommendation of suitable doctors based on its own independent quality standards.

Subsequently, it will continue to support customers, and work in collaboration with the customer’s treating doctor, to deal with on-going treatments, side-effects, complications if any and questions, in order to ensure that the best quality care is provided.

AIA Singapore chief operations officer Melita Teo said, “Patients with serious medical conditions often have many questions about their care options and experience a great deal of stress and anxiety…by journeying with the patient from diagnosis to recovery, the service will help to improve the overall care experience and ensure the delivery of high quality care.”

Ms Teo added that the insurer may consider expanding the Medix service to other segments even though it is limited for a start to AIA Max Essential A and A Saver customers. She noted that the offering would benefit this target group in particular, as it would supplement the private sector specialists that these customers tend to choose over the public sector, which is known to have a more multidisciplinary and team-based approach in terms of diagnosis and treatment.


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President and CEO of Medix Sigal Atzmon said that the company’s role is to provide an objective third party independent opinion and advice. This means that the patient has the benefit of Medix’s recommendations, but is free to decide not to act, or to act as he so prefers. There will be full confidentiality between Medix and the patient, Ms Atzmon and Ms Teo emphasised.

AIA Singapore’s partnership with Medix complements the insurer’s existing AIA Quality Healthcare Partners (AQHP), which consists of a network of more than 200 qualified medical specialists.

Medix Global was winner of Service Provider of the Year at the 21st Asia Insurance Industry Awards 2017.

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