Take a peek into the future of insurance agency office

| 31 May 2018

Café? Checked. Lounge? Checked. Library? Checked. Indoor playground? Checked. Planned activities? Checked. This is not the latest amusement park or hotel but an insurance agency office.

Qiren Organisation, an authorised representative of AIA Singapore, has officially opened its second "next generation agency office" that includes the above facilities and more. And they are free to use for their clients.

This new office concept is part of AIA’s transformational journey and Qiren’s focus on moving beyond the traditional and passive insurance model to build long term relationships with customers. 

The office is designed with customers in mind, which enables customer engagement activities such as birthday parties and free health checks to encourage family-time, enrichment classes for children’s learning, and fitness activities for parents and adults.

Mr Ng Keng Hooi, Group Chief Executive, AIA Group, said, “This is the next gen agency office. What we are going to do is to use this as a model for our offices in other countries. A lot of innovative ideas went into putting this place together. This will be an exemplar in terms of how a good office should be. It sets a new standard for AIA, not only in Singapore, but everywhere. The creativity of the idea in terms of how we can run business moving forward.”


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Mr Patrick Teow, CEO, AIA Singapore, said, “To open such an office requires belief, we must believe in the organisation that they will take it to the next level. For the leadership of QO, you must have a lot of courage. Because to take such an office means you must have the courage to keep on succeeding. All of us are working together as partners, between AIA and QO, to make sure that we propel you forward, propel you to the next level of success, and to future-proof the whole organisation.”

He added, “There’s a lot of thought put into this office with the customer in mind. There’s a place for children, a place for adults… a place for everything. To me it is a new concept which resonates very well with AIA. We put the customer at the heart of what we do.”

Mr Jeric Lin Qiren, Founder, Qiren Organisation, said, “I believe that with our vision of insurance for families and kids, I feel that we can do even better.”

Qiren Organisation was founded in 2016. This new office was opened in the West of Singapore, building on the success of its 28,000 sq ft office opened in the East in 2017 which first introduced the new concept and amenities.

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